Closure Report

Project Summary

To assist with the long-term strategy of defining the system platform to mange the consumption of utility data across the University, the objective of this project was to to evaluate the latest release(s) of of the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems currently in use in conjunction with evaluating the latest reporting offering through the existing Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) system.

The programme manager has advised that after discussion with the project sponsor, the project is to be stopped as the Estates department 

  • Have decided not to pursue any further changes until the long-term strategy regarding Energy systems has been established
  • Are now self-sufficient with regards to 
    • reviewing the new Optima Visualier reporting tool 
    • importing of missing Dynamat data
    • overview of Dynamat cloud based solution 


Objectives / Deliverables 

No. Objective Description Objective Met

To ensure that the AMR's are utilising the latest version of software



  • Upgrade ElComponents AMR to utilise the new MPC's to capture meter reading data - completed successfully 
  • Upgrade local installation of Dynamat to latest release  - outstanding 

To evaluate the alternative Dynamat 2050 Modbus System (Cloud Based)

Access to Dynamat cloud based solution to view live meter readings has been established 

To ensure that the Energy department personnel have sufficient knowledge of the applications in use


ElComponents - no further training requirements identified 

Dynamat - held supplier led user workshop for new cloud based solution in conjunction with the supply of user manuals.  On-going

Optima Visualier - supplier led training and reports workshop undertaken. On-going 



To produce initial Energy reporting requirements both for the Estates Department and the immediate business partners using Optima Visualiser


Optima Visualiser has been configured and report generation is on-going though supplier led workshops and developments 

5 Restoration of missing Dynamat data


A subset of the missing data has been uploaded into the live environment and initial issues investigated and resolved.  The upload of the remaining time, albeit time consuming, can be undertaken by the Estates department

Success Criteria

No. Success Criteria Description Achieved / Not Achieved

Dynamat DATA BIRD Radio System continues to function as at present

No change 

The evaluation of the alternative Dynamat 2050 Modbus System (Cloud Based) solution

Now  available to review using live meter readings

Enhanced Energy based analysis

Partial - development of reporting on-going

Deployment of ElComponents desktop application for nominated individuals

As required 

Deployment of Dynamat desktop application for nominated individuals

No - requirement for Estates  to agree new support license with supplier 

Restoration of missing Dynamat related data

Partial - data recovery on-going 

Analysis of Resource Usage:

The original project estimate was 42 days.

IS Apps Team Estimated Resources Actual Resource  Variance
Project Services 18 29 161%
Development Technology 13 10 77%
Applications Management 2.5 2 80%
Technology Management 2.5 1 40%
Contingency 6 0 n/a
Total 42 42 n/a


Explanation for variance

Additional time and effort was required in attempting to resolve the issue with the missing data, which the supplier subsequently identified the cause due to system configuration issues.  As a result of the delays in completing this activity, it was not possible to proceed with the local Dynamat upgrade.

The major resource variance within the  project were associated with

Project management as additional time was required to 

  • oversee the activities associated with the import of missing data 
  • organise the Dynamat led workshop - requiring several doodle polls and liaising with the supplier 
  • attending the Dynamat led workshop 
  • two handovers from the original project manager to another project manager, then back again 
  • requirement to re-plan and re-estimate on the project returning to the original project manager 

Development Technology used less time due to 

  • not completing the required  SQL Server upgrade of the database onto a new server

Estates Department 

  • It should also be noted that planned project activities required additional time due to the daily workload pressures of both the Energy and Controls teams 

Key Learning Points

  • When working with business partners and external suppliers,  supplier ownership responsibilities should be established at the outset of the project

Outstanding Issues

  • There are currently no outstanding technical issues
  • The import of the remaining missing data will be coordinated through the Estates department 
  • The creation of the remaining Optima reports will be coordinated through the Estates department 



Project Info

Energy Systems Upgrade
Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
Management Office
Project Manager
Andrew Stewart
Project Sponsor
Grant Ferguson
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