Executive Summary

<Project Vision>


Business Objectives and Project Deliverables

Ref. Description New / Changed (N/C)
O1 Deliver Effective Project Governance  
D1 Detail project governance strategy  
D2 Implementation of project governance strategy  
O2 Deliver achievable project plan  
D1 Produce and maintain project plan for the entire project  
O3 Define business requirements with regards to the entire purchase to payment process for the entire Estates department  

Detail current 'As Is' business processes with regards to

  • Procurement and associated authorisations
  • Goods received
  • Stock update
  • Invoice verification and payment
  • Current reporting

Produce  'To Be' business processes associated with goods, works and services in relation to

  • Procurement and associated authorisations
  • Goods received
  • Stock update
  • Invoice verification and payment
  • Operational and Strategic reporting requirements
D3 Prepare an Impact Analysis with regards the current Archibus  environment (incorporating Archibus windows client, WebCentral and EBIS OnLine) to determine requirements to implement specified  'To Be' business processes  
D4 Prepare a  phased implementation roll-out process that will enable both old and new systems to run in parallel for a period of time  
O4 Create Integrated System Design  
D1 Prepare system design of integrated purchase to payment process between the Archibus facilities management system and the central procurement and finance systems   
D2 Define reporting solution(s)  

Prepare a technical design to support a phased implementation roll-out to

  • host the new integrated purchase to payment
  • enable the existing system to run in parallel
O5 Build Purchase to Payment solution  

Develop software solution to deliver a phased implementation roll-out of the  entire purchase to payment process as detailed in O3 - D2

  • support the defined 'To Be' business processes
  • rewrite existing EBIS authorisation processes
  • enable the existing system to be run in parallel
  • implement the specified statistical reporting requirements

Implement planned changes as determined by initial impact analysis incorporating

  • decommission of archibus client software
  • decommission of EBIS OnLine software
  • implement any existing  software re-engineering of archibus client / EBIS OnLine
O6 Delivery of Full System Test with regards to the 'To Be' business processes  
D1 Detail test strategy relating to the project and its deliverables  
D2 Define and implement an integrated test plan and log to enable phased implementation roll-out  with both the new and the existing system to running  in parallel  
D3 Complete and document system testing according to the defined test plan  
O7 Delivery of effective Change Management  
D1 Detail change management strategy relating to the project and its deliverables  
D2 Implementation of change management strategy for the project  
O8 Delivery of effective Stakeholder Management  

Preparation of project roles and responsibilities incorporating

  • UoE Estates personnel
  • UoE personnel, external to Estates
  • Buisness partners external to UoE
D2 Define communication strategy relating to the project and its deliverables  
D3 Implementation of timely communications related to the defined strategy  
O9 Delivery of a fully integrated training programme  
D1 Detail user training strategy  
D2 Define a full training programme relating to both functional and procedures with regards to 'To Be' business processes  
D3 Production of user training material  
D4 Production of training schedule according  
D5 Implementation of training schedule    

Production of user manuals

  • hard copy
  • on line
010 Delivery of system implementation roll-out  
D1 Detail system phased implementation roll-out and post go-live strategy    
D2 Implementation of roll-out strategy  
D3 Implementation of post go-live support mechanisms  
D4 Decommission of old system procedures  
011 Delivery of an effective Risk Management policy  
D1 Detail a risk management strategy for the overall project, incorporating both business and technical risks  
D2 Define and maintain an active risk and issue log throughout the duration of the project  











Success Criteria

  1. Management of the project is maintained according to the defined project governance
  2. The production of a fully defined and approved set of business requirements with regards to the Purchase to Pay process
  3. The production of an integrated system design that fully supports the Purchase to Pay process
  4. The development and implementation of the integrated Purchase to Pay solution , including defined reporting requirements
  5. Confidence in the effectiveness of the implementation is maintained throughout the project through
    1. effective project governance
    2. effective management of project risks
    3. effective change management
    4. effective stakeholder management
  6. Business is well prepared for the implementation roll-out through
    1. system is fully tested according to the Purchase to Pay business requirements
    2. effective user training undertaken
    3. effective support material is available for system users
    4. effective support arrangements are in place during the roll-out and the post go-live period
    5. effective communication is maintained with the specified stakeholders



The development of the integrated Purchase to pay solution, including reporting  will be completed by UoE

  • developing the appropriate interfaces between the existing core applications; Archibus, eFinancials and SciQuest
  • developing any appropriate business processes outwith the core functionality of the core systems
  • identification and decommissioning of system processes no longer deemed necessary

Any specified changes to any of the core systems should be classified as out of scope and will require authorisation from both the project board and business owners of eFinancial and/or SciQuest if appropriate



This project has been classified as;

  •  a compliance project
  • priority 2


Project Info

Estates Purchase To Payment
Estates Business Operations Optimisation Programme (EOO)
Management Office
Project Manager
Helen Lobb
Project Sponsor
Karen Adamson
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