Project Closure Report

Project Summary

The original project brief was followed and with investigation it became apparent that it would not be possible to replicate SHINE functionality in Archibus.

An alternative strategy of replicating the existing information in SHINE with Archibus was therefore investigated and discussed with both suppliers, together with the technical viability of information transfer between both systems, which was deemed possible.  Supplier proposals/quotations were received, with the total external cost being £14,277.80 + vat (£9,777.80 Mass; £4,500 SHINE).

The mechanism of validating data, or transferring data between systems without resultant 'errors', relies on both systems holding comparable location data.  True confidence in the compatible data between systems was only at a building level.

It became apparent that there is a 'lag' in updating record drawings on Archibus (by UoE) and also, the location data held in SHINE often includes non-occupied space (Risers, undercrofts, voids) which would not be present on Archibus drawings.  As such frequent data incompatibility issues are highly likely.

The mechanism of viewing asbestos related data on Web Central, by the Helpdesk, was investigated and it was found that in order to incorporate additional fields for asbestos data further customisation of Archibus would likely be required.  Presently there is resistance to customise Archibus any further without a strong business case and a project to undertake a strategic CAFM review is about to commence.

Given the above, and the potential for errors to be presented with any transferred data attempt which would require on-going manual intervention to resolve , it is deemed not feasible to proceed with this project until there is an agreed, accurate standard of location information within a CAFM system, that can be shared with, or incorporate 3rd party data.

It should be noted that the existing policy, whereby all staff who may come into contact with asbestos have received suitable information, instruction and training on the SHINE system, is being followed and as such, assurance is given that the University is fulfilling its obligations in terms of asbestos management.

Following an Estates Portfolio review with PMO on 02/10/19, a request was made for the project to be formally closed (by Head of PMO) given the extended nature of the 'suspend' status and no clear date as to when the project could be re-initiated.

The Project Sponsor was consulted and agreement was formally given (email to the PM on 10/10/19) for actions to be taken to formally close the project.

The project is still listed within the Estates Portfolio, so will not be 'lost'/'forgotten' although it has been acknowledged that a new project would be started to address any future agreed Asbestos Systems Review ie the project will not be EST107, but a new ESTxxx code.

 Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 70 days

Staff Usage Actual: 93 days

Other Resource Estimate: £14,277.80 + vat

Other Resource Actual: £0

Other Resource Variance: 0%

No external or 'Other Resource' costs have been incurred.


The original project brief was initially followed but with investigation it became apparent that it would not be possible to replicate SHINE functionality in Archibus.  An alternative strategy of replicating the existing information in SHINE with Archibus via system 'linkage'  was therefore investigated.  Discussions took place with both system suppliers and the technical viability of information transfer between both systems was investigated.  This was deemed possible.  Supplier proposals/quotations were requested and received based upon this system integration.

When the discrepancies between the data in the two systems was identified and the impact of this considered, the project was suspended.

Explanation for variance

The 'Staff Usage Actual' was at 90 days at handover to a new Project Manager (Helen Lobb) and as such, the over spend to this point cannot be fully explained. 

The additional 3 days have been spent getting up to speed with the project and producing a project baseline position; reviewing requirements with internal resources; obtaining revised quotations and discussing the proposal documents with both Mass and SHINE and internally; project reporting; preparation for and attendance of the Project Board; preparation of Project Suspense Report and IS governance requirements.

Key Learning Points

To the point of project handover/suspension, the following point was noted:

  • Project Board Meetings and Team Checkpoint meetings over the duration of the project do not appear to have been conducted on a regular basis which may have resulted in the protracted timescale of this project and higher than anticipated spend to get to this point.

Outstanding Issues

Data incompatibility issues between Archibus and SHINE still exist and until these are addressed as part of the Data and Documentation Programme (part of the Estates Transformation Portfolio) any integration will deliver dis-benefits rather than benefits to Estates.

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Helen Lobb
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Grant Ferguson
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