Report for November 2019

Report Date
November 2019


Both Space and Maintenance reports have now been system tested fully and  the project is now in a position to move to the next stage of User Acceptance Testing.

A meeting was held with the Business in November with both the Space and Maintenance teams.  At the meeting with the Business it was agreed that they we would start  another round of User Acceptance Testing. It was also  agreed that the earliest that the Business would be ready to start this testing would be the 06th of January and that it would run through January 2019. The business are now in the process of writing up User acceptance Scripts for full end to end testing.  Any defects found during testing will be recorded in Jiras and then the EDW/BI teams will work on the fixes for these issues during the month of January. 

A meeting was held with the Head of Project Services to discuss the status of the project and it was agreed that a Health check should be completed on the project. The focus of the Health Check will be to determine the delivery confidence based on the current project status rather than looking back at the previous history. This review will be done independently and will be completed during the month of December. Results of the review will be shared with the Business Sponsor.

Next Steps

  • Set up a meeting to discuss the deployment strategy into Live and what will be the key Activities
  • Set up a meeting to agree strategy for management of User Acceptance Testing
  • Ensure Plan up-to-date with key activities for completion of the project
  • Review the outcome of the Health check with the Business Sponsor



  • The environments (dev, test and live ) Archibus that are being used for the testing are out of date and do not reflect the current Live environment. This makes the testing more difficult for the developers.
  • The scope of the project has been extended as the BRD was written 1.5 years ago and the interpretation of the requirements has not been controlled.
  • This project is over budget, has increased its scope and also the timeline will need to be extended due to  complex issues found during testing
  • A full end to end testing has not been done on the project, although extensive system testing has now been completed



The project is taking significantly longer due to issues found during testing. It is clear that there was never any integration testing performed at the beginning of the Project and when the first User Acceptance Testing was conducted a number of issues were found.   These issues are mainly being found  in the ETL layer which is when we are picking up data from Archibus and transferring this across to the Enterprise Data Warehouse. In addition to this there was no formal project management on this project for a number of months which has meant that the project has not been managed and this has impacted the timeline and scope of the project.

The developers have now performed in depth testing and the Business have agreed that we can go the next stage of User Acceptance Testing which is planned for January 2019. A full end to end testing has been planned for the period of January. After the testing has been completed there will be a review by the Business of the issues that are remaining and also the work involved to resolve any issues.

A Health check of the whole project is planned for December 2020





Project Status
RAG Status
RAG Commentary
Time and Cost: This project has extended multiple times due to technical difficulties in establishing the EDW solution and subsequent issues with failures in testing of reports, There are also technical issues with data synchronisation. These technical issues have taken significantly longer to address than expected. Project Manager is working with ISG Technical teams to progress these issues. Time and Cost extensions are the subject of discussions with Estate, who query the value and cost Scope: The business requirement was written 18 months ago and the business has moved on significantly. The agreed reports are therefore of less value than expected at the outset. A scope review is recommended, in addition to a more Agile delivery approach to delivery Next steps: Complete work with ISG Development to address technical issues and manage the next phase of User Acceptance Testing. Consider scope review with Estates. Provide report for Estates sponsor and agree funding model
Change Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
Escalated to
Project Sponsor
Change Commentary
From the initial baseline there has been significant changes to all areas of the project. PICCL to be raised to WIS after estimates for completion of project have been formalised.
Approved budget
349.0 days
Activity this month
14.7 days
Activity this year
72.2 days
Activity to date
495.0 days
Estimate to complete current year
564.0 days
Estimate to complete future years
0.0 days

Project Info

Estates Strategic Reporting - Space & Maintenance Mgmt
Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
Management Office
Project Manager
Josephine McDonald
Project Sponsor
Karen Adamson
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