Report for February 2020

Report Date
February 2020


  • Two work streams engaged:

    • User Acceptance Testing

      • All reports retested with two changes work in progress at month end and eight resolutions assigned to training.
      • Dates were agreed with project team IS/Estates for Acceptance Sign off (Estates and IS project team). 
    • Deployment
      • Work progressed to prepare for deployment: Data quality checks, finalising change scripts.
      • Dates were agreed with project team IS Dev/Prod for Implementation start (IS Dev and Production)
  • IS internal review of Health check has been completed.  Findings to be included in Closure report and to enable discussions Estates /IS on budget.
  • GO CAB (Technical approval for release to production) approved on 25th February for an Implementation start date of 16th March.
  • BRD1.7 updated to align to Project scope.

Next Steps

  • Agree revised Acceptance Sign off date, manage sign off and finalise Estates production deliverables: permissions, communications and training.   Dependency  resolution of Risk 16  
  • Agree revised Implementation start date (including agree with GO Cab), manage Deployment Checklist sign off. Dependency  resolution of Risk 16  
  • Finalise BRD version 1.7, to include changes based on UAT agreed resolution outcomes.  


  • The scope of the project has been extended as the BRD was written 1.5 years ago and the interpretation of the requirements has not been controlled.
  • This project is over budget, has increased its scope and also the timeline will need to be extended due to  complex issues found during testing


  • Industrial action for five weeks from last week in Feb.  May impact Deployment, pushing out project timeline.  PM monitoring effort. There has been no impact to date.  
  • A key Development Service resource was ill early February.  Tasks reassigned to another resource have not been delivered (Feb end).  The User Acceptance Testing for Space Reports, is on hold awaiting this change.  Agreed sign off by 10Th March will be missed. Delivery of change estimated during week of 2nd March.   
  • Archibus TEST, has not been available since 27th Feb. due to an outstanding issue from Project EST-126 where the EBISTEST database has been upgraded but there is an issue with one of the files.    The Fix has a high priority and the PM for EST126 is working with resolvers to fix.   The User Acceptance Testing for Space Reports, is on hold awaiting this change.  Agreed sign off by 10Th March will be missed. 


The project team were focused in February on tasks to support User Acceptance retesting and preparation for Deployment with Acceptance Sign off 10th March and Implementation start 16th March.  User Acceptance retest is now on hold since 27th February awaiting resolution of Risk 17.  Deployment preparatory tasks are in progress with a focus on completion by 10th March.  Dates will be revised on resolution of Risk 17.  The PMO, Program & Project Managers have completed a Health Check outcomes will support discussions on budget and closure reports. 

Project Status
RAG Status
RAG Commentary
The Project rag status was moved to Amber for January with the agreement of Project Manager & Programme Manager in Dec. 2019 as a result of the following mitigation actions: • The project has now a clear defined plan, • Significant system testing has taken place with agreed User acceptance Testing planned for January for delivery of 14 reports, • Fixes have been put in place for the 14 reports and • A Health Check has been agreed on the project for early January to assure that the project has clear controls in place going forward. The Project rag status was put to RED in September as a result of: • The Budget having been increased significantly from the Baseline, • No clear plan in place for the Project and • None of the deliverables that had been agreed as part of the scope having been delivered. Note: Budget for project extension to be agreed based on outcome of Health Check and revised plan post UAT sign off. The project current focus is User Acceptance Test activities to support the delivery of 14 reports. An assessment will be conducted as part of preparation for UAT sign off to: identify business resources & learning needs to support “The provision of an ad-hoc query capability to a limited number of suitably trained users, giving them the ability to extract data and generate their own custom analysis and reports”.
Change Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
Escalated to
Project Sponsor & Programme Manager
Change Commentary
From the initial baseline there has been significant changes to all areas of the project. PICCL to be raised to WIS after estimates for completion of project have been formalised.
Approved budget
349.0 days
Activity this month
32.3 days
Activity this year
146.7 days
Activity to date
572.7 days
Estimate to complete current year
71.0 days
Estimate to complete future years
0.0 days

Project Info

Estates Strategic Reporting - Space & Maintenance Mgmt
Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
Management Office
Project Manager
Josephine McDonald
Project Sponsor
Karen Adamson
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Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
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