The Perspective system supports recording, reporting (including auto emails to Fire and Safety) and despatching Security personnel in support of Health & Safety (H&S) incidents in Estates (including Bush and Little France), e.g. students stolen bike  or fire in a building.  The system is supported by Resolver, a Canadian based company (company main site, is at this link) .  An annual maintenance contract includes ten concurrent user licences.  Resolver software support will end if Estates fail to: upgrade to latest software and move to Microsoft Edge browser.  The Windows Server 2012R2 standard was installed in Feb 2013 and is recommended to move to replacement Windows VM Server 2019. 

The provider Resolver supports Perspectice delivered on a dedicated Server and SAAS solution.  Estates Securuty have confirmed that the SAAS solution does not meet Data Protection assurance that the dedicated server solution provides.  For this reason the dedicated server solution has been selected for this upgrade. 

Issues have been logged with the help desk as workflow: email to Fire and Safety have failed. The problem was caused by failure to connect to Perspective Server.  This initial problem has been resolved by rebooting the system.

After speaking with Resolver it was confirmed that a software upgrade is required to  maintain support. This includes server upgrades and software upgrade.

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April 2022 GREEN 35.0 days 5.2 days 29.8

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Perspective Upgrade
Estates Business Operations Optimisation Programme (EOO)
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Josephine McDonald
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Mark Ritchie
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