ISG Closure Report

Project Summary

The Purpose of the project was to provide change management expertise that supports the launch of P&M Phase 2 for Estates.

New system roles were identified by P&M, these roles required staff to be allocated to them and trained in their function. The scope of the project covered weekly communications keeping the staff group up to date with progress and preparing the group for the system closedown period. 

All of the project goals were achieved, in full. The success criteria that was noted in the project brief was as follows:

  • Estates leaders are actioning Job changes.
  • Time Keepers are performing their role.
  • All staff have been informed how to access their payslips.
  • All absence recording is being actioned in P&M

How these objectives and deliverables were achieved is detailed in the next section.

As a project manager, this has been a lovely project to manage and feed back from the project sponsor is much appreciated A really successful project, delivered through a brilliant partnership approach between ISG and Estates. Marjory has done an excellent job in identifying, tracking, managing and delivering all the activities required for the successful adoption of Phase 2 P&M within Estates. A great example of how ISG and Estates can work together to deliver a required outcome." Zoe Stephens

Objectives and Deliverables Achieved




Objective/Deliverable Met? (Yes / No)



Objective 1. All departments are made aware of the changes to time recording and the new processes.  Staff are to be been identified for the time keeper roles.  


Yes, Objective deliverable met in full.



Deliverable 1.1  All department leaders and staff have had the changes in time recording communicated to them.



Deliverable 1.1 . The changes in time recording process have been communicated via the local guides group, steering group and the online training sessions held with Estates staff.


Deliverable 1.2 P&M have received a list of names for the time keeper roles.



Deliverable 1.2. Time keepers were identified and the information passed to P&M  at a relatively early stage in the project.  Further time keepers have been identified in the security area, following the training, when a better understanding of the role emerged.


Objective 2 All department and staff are made aware that absence recoding is now carried out in P&M and have engaged with the new process.


Yes, deliverable met in full.



Deliverable 2.1  All departments have absences logged in P&M



There is a very high uptake of P&M in Estates, this is demonstrated in the PIVOT tab on this link 1. Local Guides Annual Leave V4.xlsx ( 87.67% of Estates staff are engaged with P&M (the Finance & H&S departments are noted as having a lower that average uptake but this could be due to the small numbers of staff in the departments.)


Objective 3 Change in responsibility on Job changes have been communicated to line managers.


Yes, deliverable met in full.



Deliverable 3.1 Line Managers are now aware of the new process.



Deliverable 3.1 The changes in responsibility for job changes were cascaded via the Local Guide group and the steering group presentations.


Objective 4 Raising awareness of the Launch date and process changes via department emails


Yes, deliverable met in full.


D4.1 Deliverable 4.1 Regular delivery of content to Estates communication officer. M



Deliverable 4.1 Regular communications were issued via the Estates communications officer. 14 communications have gone out via this channel, a summary of each communication can be seen on the project plan in lines 107-122

O5 Objective 5 Successful delivery to Estates staff, of the training videos provided by P&M   Yes, deliverable met in full.  
D5.1 Deliverable 5.1 Supported delivery sessions for each video provided. M



Deliverable 5.1 P&M provided 5 training videos. Sessions were set up over teams where best use was made of P&M materials, pulling background information from the implementation slide decks to provide a contextual environment as a lead into the training videos.  In all, 12 sessions were arranged and 104 delegates slots were filled, with some delegates choosing to attend more than one session. Data can be seen on the PIVOT tab on the training plan.

O6 Objective 6. The implementation group are the be full briefed on the current developments as the project progresses.   Yes, deliverable met in full.  
D6.1 Deliverable 6.1 Weekly meeting to take place with the Local Guide group M Yes Deliverable 6.1 There were a total of  15 local guides sessions, two of these sessions were chaired by Zoe Stephens who provided cover while the Project Manager was on annual leave, the other 13 were chaired by the Project Manager . Minutes were produced and emailed to the local guide group following the session. The minutes and links contained within them, will provide a good reference point for the local guides after the project closes.


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 56 days 

Staff Usage Actual: 57 days 

Staff Usage Variance: 1 days ( within tolerance)

No other chargeable resources were used.

Other Resource Estimate: Nil

Other Resource Actual: Nil

Other Resource Variance: N/A days

Resource Area/Team Original Estimate (days) Actual (days) Difference
Project Management 41 amended to 56 via a change request as noted at Apps review 07/04/2022 57 +1 (or+16 from original estimate)


Explanation for variance

The increase in effort has been a culmination of the addition of scope and delays with deliverables from P&M (eg Training videos) and some task taking longer than initially anticipated. This was because the tasks required more effort or there was a lack of clarity from P&M which required more resource to resolve outstanding questions. Some items delivered by P&M did not fit the business need and required additional project manager support to resolve. Notable items in this group are: 

  • The new bulk upload process
  • Work schedules for staff who work non standard hours (maintenance and central Library staff )
  • Timekeeper roles, a full understanding of this role was only evident through the training process, where it was noted that more timekeepers would be needed in some areas.
  • Payment of flat overtime fees and the TAP form (temporary additional payments form)

It would have been very difficult for EST140 to have predicted this additional effort. The AS IS gathering on the P&M side was not very detailed, resulting in gaps that required additional effort to resolve them. The sharing of information to the business areas, arrived very close to the go -live date, again there was no room to seek pre-launch solutions. Additional scope is noted on the project plan on lines 156-165 2. EST140 Phase 2 Launch DRAFT PLAN.mpp



The outcome of the project is that P&M Phase 2  has landed well in Estates.

There is a high uptake of P&M for absence recording. System roles were filled and the staff trained on their function. The leadership team were kept well informed and involved at the appropriate level and time, with the working group picking up much of the work load.

The delivery programme from P&M Phase 2 did not include a business alignment phase, this meant that the business areas had no opportunity to revise processes or prepare staff for the new ways of working. The Estates staff group is an extremely large staff group, comprising of just short of 1000 staff.  What can often happen as a consequence of this approach, is increased stress levels on the staff group, which can manifest as resistance to change. This was avoided through detailed communication and support that was managed from the project team.  The successful delivery of P&M Phase 2, will provide the Estates staff group with confidence for the launch of P&M Phase 3.


Key Learning Points

A short lessons learned session was incorporated into the last of the Local Guides meetings. The output from this session is recorded here: Lessons Learned Log | Project Management


Outstanding issues

The remaining items outstanding will be transferred to BAU ownership with Stacey Maxwell.

Three handover sessions have taken place with Stacey and Stacey has full access to the project files on SharePoint and the EST140 OneNote. Zoe, the project Sponsor, attended the last of the handover sessions.

The items handed over to Stacey are summarised below and are noted in full in the handover section of the OneNote, for confidentiality, staff names have been removed other than that of the local guides for this report.

Handover number 

Outstanding item description 


75 staff in maintenance with an incorrect work schedule.


16 staff in Peters area who work shifts, what should their holiday hours be?  


 KNOWN ISSUE with one or more roles   (holidays not calculating correctly) 

One staff member showing twice Debbie was resolving this. 

another staff member has been orphaned. 

Both are in Debbie's area, check in with Debbie next week to see if they are resolved. 


2 staff remain on the PLEASE CHECK list 


Finance staff may need to be moved back to Estates, all staff under a line manager  moved to Finance when reporting lines were changed


Training sessions on how to access payslips may need to be arranged. 


Dis benefits logging of any new items


Bulk upload issue. 



Statutory leave being re applied, after staff member requests removal (security area)  



Project Info

Estates Phase 2 P&M Launch
Estates Business Operations Optimisation Programme (EOO)
Management Office
Project Manager
Marjory Howarth
Project Sponsor
Zoe Stephens
Current Stage
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