The golden copy space database is held on Archibus, the accuracy and quality of this information at building and room level is relatively high.  However, current data held centrally does not capture all the information now required by Estates and the wider University. The missing data, which in some instances is held in local systems and spreadsheets by Schools and Support Groups, is needed to support key space management activities and provide information such as room occupancy levels.  This locally held data is often not reconciled with, or available within, the Archibus golden copy.

Beyond the core space data  maintained by Estates, contacts from each of the Support Groups, Schools and Colleges have permissions within Archibus to update certain space information as it changes.  This process works well, at least at a high level, and informs the University responses on output such as Estates Management Return (EMR).  The space database is fully integrated with the 2D drawings which are also accessed via Archibus Web Central. 

Currently, the golden copy space in Archibus is being downloaded and manipulated in a variety of local systems and spreadsheets to meet local needs.  Schools and departments, working in isolation, are using, expanding and updating space data, which is not then fed back to the golden copy, thus creating inconsistencies.  This silo approach means teams may be working from differing information and reporting at an institutional level is  not 100% accurate and/or is only providing part of the picture.

Estates  long-term strategic aim is to establish a single golden copy of space management data that is used consistently  across the University estate and offers an improved space management database that Estates, Schools and Support Group contacts can access and maintain. This database will support enhanced space management functionality including more consistent and detailed reporting. Recent demos of capability from MASS Systems indicate that Archibus, or an equivalent future Facilities Management system, can provide the long term core space management solution needed across the university.

The immediate critical activity, which will be addressed by this project, is to provide a space management solution for the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI)  which meets their immediate needs and supports the realisation of  Estates longer term strategic objectives for space management. The solution, which is requirement to be LIVE by 12th December 2022, will enable EFI to manage space planning pre-occupation for their building.  Estates investigation to date indicate the core solution required by EFI can be provided using existing Archibus V23.1 data  and functionality.

An interim solution to replicate and enhance the SharePoint solution developed by the third party supplier yorcloud for the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), has been discounted as this does not address the long term strategic aim.


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July 2022 AMBER 50.0 days 3.0 days 47.0

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Enhanced Space Management for EFI
Estates Business Operations Optimisation Programme (EOO)
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David Shannon
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Helen-Rose Wood
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