An increasing number of University applications are collecting on-line payments via the WPM Card Payment Gateway.  This payment information is currently downloaded for use in eFinancials via a variety of manual processes, which can be time-consuming for everyone involved.  This project seeks to deliver a secure and auditable method of automating this process.

Objectives: -

  • To deliver an automated interface suitable for downloading WPM payment data (journals) into eFinancials General Ledger in a secure and auditable manner.
  • To deliver an associated process that will allow the automatic posting of other manual journals in a similarly secure and auditable manner 

 N.B. this project was started before the move to the new projects website, so documentation is only shown from 6th August 2012.   Documentation prior to this can be found on the old site at

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
September 2013 BLUE 158.0 days 170.4 days 0.2