Business Requirements

Update 18th April 2013 - additional workpackages 6-13 identied in conjunction with Project Sponsor and Business Representative.  Also an amendment to workpackage 3

Update 23rd April 2013 - additional workpackage 14 identified by Project Sponsor and Business Representative.

Update 17th June 2013 - additional workpackage 15 identified by FIS and agreed with the Business Rep

Update 20th June 2013 - additional workpackage 16 identified by Project Sponsor


Following analysis of user feedback from the online surveys, the following workpackages have been defined: -

Package 1 - WebFirst enhancements (complete)

  • ability to search for reports by number
  • ability to store a list of frequently used reports (favourites)
  • short descriptions of report purpose/contents
  • eAuthorisations/WebFirst web service (i.e. automated link) for user maintenance
  • updated look/feel

Package 1a - WebFIrst Fixes (complete)

Address outstanding bugs for WebFirst (only if straightforward and can be addressed within existing build/UAT)

  • I120301-0109 - fixed
  • I110513-0202 - unresolved, back with support
  • I120306-0414 - fixed
  • I120503-0101 - fixed
  • I111018-0496 - fixed
  • I120626-0335 - won't fix
  • I120809-0638 - user config issue
  • I120125-0532 - unresolved, back with support
  • I111213-0090 - passed back to FIS
  • I110907-0187 - fixed

Package 2 - eIT enhancements (in UAT)

  • improvements to favourite code combinations
  • ability to search by person
  • updated look/feel

Package 3 - WebFirst Reports (awaiting details from Liz Welch) (on hold pending information from Liz Welch)

  • two new WebFirst reports relating to invoice register issue investigation - updated 18/04/13 - modify report 5 instead
  • changes to WebFIrst reports 102 & 123

Package 4 - Additional Online Survey for MVM/SCE (complete)

Undertake an additional questionaire for MVM/SCE and summarise the output.

Package 5 - Wiki/Website review (complete)

Undertake a usability review of the Finance Wiki and website, giving recommendations on improvements and supporting Matthew to undertake the improvements

Package 6 - Salary Forecasting Fix - new 18/04/13 (complete)

Fix to exclude old 7 digit codes (i.e. those starting with v,w,x,y,z) as these cause the upload to error. 

Package 7 - eFin Screen ACS208P Fix - new 18/04/13 (complete)

This screen is used by accounts payable & is very slow - investigate the cause of this and see if anything can be done to improve the situation (e.g. indexes) 

Package 8 - Serengeti/eFIn Interface Fix - new 18/04/13 (complete)

This interface is unreliable - investigate the cause of this and see if anything can be done to improve the situation 

Package 9 - eStores Enhancement for Invalid Finance Codes - new 18/04/13 (complete)

Amend eStores to incorporate the new finance code validation routine supplied by ABS (UniDesk call ref I130228-0444)

Package 10 - WebFirst Report 19 Fix - new 18/04/13 (awaiting response from user)

Fix issue with WebFIrst report number 19, reported under UniDesk call ref I110712-0266 

Package 11 - Additional Online Survey for Support Staff - new 18/04/13 (not yet started)

Undertake an additional online survey for support staff.  Also survey Finance but keep the results seperate for comparison. 

Package 12 - Improvements to EDUNESI Load- new 18/04/13 (complete)

The EDUNESI extract/import currently causes issues when ABS patches are installed as it is too large.  It needs to be split into separate sections.

Package 13 - Additional BOXI Objects - new 18/04/13 (complete)

  • I130326-0495 - UAT
  • I130211-0060 - fixed
  • I130318-0368 - fixed
  • I130412-0220 - fixed
  • I130412-0493 - UAT


Package 14 - eIT Transfer Queue improvement - (in UAT)

Enhancement to eIT Transfer Queue to include a new column showing the total value of the transfer.  The new column to be sortable on value. 

Package 15 - eStores category sequencing - new 17/06/13 (complete)

Enhancement to the eStores product category listing to show them in alphabetical order

Package 16 - eIT description - new 20/06/13 (not yet started)

Option to have a different  desripton on eITs







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LEAN Review of Financial Systems
Finance (FIN)
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Elizabeth Welch
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