Completion Report

Project Summary:

There were no specific deliverables identified for this project in the original Project Brief as these were to be identified by the results of an online survey.  The original success criteria identified were identified as: - 

  • Completed survey of a cross-section of HSS staff
  • Analysis report of survey results
  • Delivery of a number of prioritised small to medium system improvements (within the available budget)

All of these criteria have been fully met.  Survey follow-up workshops were held with end-users to review the results and to prioritise which system areas would most benefit from system improvements.  A number of additional improvements were also requested by the Project Sponsor.

A total of 13 workpackages of small/medium system improvements have subsequently been delivered within the available budget: -

  • Additional survey of SCE/MVM staff and analysis of results
  • WebFirst enhancements
  •  WebFIrst Fixes
  •  eIT enhancements
  • Wiki/Website usability review & report
  • Salary Forecasting Fixes
  • eFin Screen ACS208P Fixes
  • Serengeti/eFIn Interface Fixes
  • eStores Enhancement for Invalid Finance Codes
  • Improvements to EDUNESI Load
  • Additional BOXI Objects
  • eIT Transfer Queue improvement
  • eStores category sequencing

 These enhancements have addressed a number of the issues raised in the surveys and also cleared a number of long-outstanding support issues.


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 80 days

Staff Usage Actual: 80 days

Staff Usage Variance: 0%

Other Resource Estimate: 0 days

Other Resource Actual: 0 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance:

  • The project delivered within budget.

Key Learning Points:

  • Delivery via a series of small workpackages can be difficult to manage if all are running concurrently.  It can be particularly difficult to secure resources for this 'piecemeal' approach which results in an extended project timeline.  There needs to be greater clarity over when the workpackage is considered 'done' and handed over to support as the usual 'end of project' handover is not suitable for this type of project.  Future projects may find it more manageable to only be actively progressing one or two workpackages at a time and formally handing them to support as they are completed.
  • Because of the piecemeal approach of the workpackages we were unable to give FIS much advance notice of testing requirements which meant it was sometimes difficult for FIS to undertake testing due to other higher-priority work and projects. Future projects may want to agree a suitable testing approach early in the project to prevent this.

Outstanding issues:

  • The eStores enhancement delivered by this project will not be fully effective until the corresponding change is installed into eAuthorisations, which is being delivered by project FIN089


The following improvements were identifed but not prioritised for delivery within this project.  Finance may wish to take these forward for future consideration.

  • Changes to WebFirst reports 5, 102 & 123 to include additional information to assist with invoice queries
  • Undertake an additional online survey for support staf and possibly Finance staff.
  • The addition of admin functionality to allow FIS to modify WebFirst report descriptions (this currently has to be undertaken via support).

Project Info

LEAN Review of Financial Systems
Finance (FIN)
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Dawn Holmes
Project Sponsor
Elizabeth Welch
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