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New Version Of Internal Transfers (eITs)

This is the latest of a series of improvements that have been made in response to a University-wide survey which asked staff to comment on the usability and performance  of financial systems.

eIT usability enhancements include: -

Dawn Holmes 19-Sep-2013
Weekly update w/c 09/09/13
  • The last of the agreed workpackages (eIT enhancements) has now been deployed to live.
  • The project will now move to the Closure phase
  • A draft closure report is being drawn up and a review meeting has been booked for w/c 23rd Sept
Dawn Holmes 13-Sep-2013
Weekly update w/c 02/09/13
  • sign-off for the eIT workpackages has been received from Finance and the go-live scheduled for Friday 6th
Dawn Holmes 06-Sep-2013
Weekly update w/c 19/08/13
  • The last of the eIT enhancements is now complete and has been deployed to the Test system
  • FIS have been requested to test the eIT enhancements but they are currently struggling to allocate any time to this.  This has been flagged to the project sponsor.
  • As soon as this last workpackage is installed into live the project will move to closure
  • The draft closure report has been started
Dawn Holmes 23-Aug-2013
Weekly update w/c 05/08/13
  • Development resource has been secured to complete the final change to eIT
Dawn Holmes 12-Aug-2013
Weekly update w/c 24/06/13
  • A meeting took place on Monday with the Finance Business Rep to re-prioritise the remaining workpackages.  As a result of this, work will now focus on completing the workpackages already in progress (eIT, Serengeti, BOXI and eStores) before the financial year-end, when the project will close
Dawn Holmes 28-Jun-2013
Weekly update w/c 17/06/13
  • Meeting booked with Business Rep for next week to prioritise the remaining workpackages
Dawn Holmes 21-Jun-2013
Weekly update w/c 20/05/13
  • An additional workpackage identified by Project Sponsor and Business Representative - eIT Transfer Queue Improvement.  This has been documented in the Business Requirements and will be undertaken if there is sufficient time/budget after the current workpackages have completed.
Dawn Holmes 24-May-2013
Weekly update w/c 13/05/13
  • Workpackage 9 (eStores) is now in Test and has been passed to FIS for testing
  • A usability review of the Finance Wiki/website took place between Service Management and FIS.  Several improvements were recommended for consideration and a brief follow-up report will be prepared by Service Management.
Dawn Holmes 20-May-2013
Weekly update w/c 06/05/13
  • Project replanned based on the new workpackages and submitted to WIS for approval
  • Workpackage 5 (Wiki/web usability) - initial meeting held with Service Management to establish scope.
Dawn Holmes 10-May-2013
Weekly update w/c 22/04/13
  • Outputs from last week's meeting with the sponsor have been written up and returned for confirmation and prioritisation
  • Workpackage 6 (salary forecasting fix) was flagged as an immediate priority by the sponsor and so has been completed by Apps Mgmnt under the FIN079 budget
  • UAT of workpackage 2 (eIT enhancements) is being held up by an issue which requires a developer to resolve
Dawn Holmes 26-Apr-2013
Weekly update w/c 15/04/13
  • Apps Mgmnt asked to suggest further items for improvement workpackages
  • Meeting with Project Sponsor to clarify requirements for Webfirst amendments (workpackage 3) and to identify/prioritise further workpackages


Dawn Holmes 19-Apr-2013
Weekly update w/c 08/04/13
  • eIT enhancemnets are currently with FIS for acceptance testing
Dawn Holmes 12-Apr-2013
Weekly update w/c 01/04/13
  • eIT workpackage has been deployed to Test and passed to Finance for acceptance testing
  • Catch-up meeting held with Business Rep to agree the next set of priorities but this decision has been deferred to the Project Sponsor.
  • A meeting with the Project Sponsor has been set for 18th April (the earliest available date)
Dawn Holmes 05-Apr-2013
Weekly update w/c 25/03/13
  • Build of the eIT workpackage completed this week.  This workpackage includes : -
    • improvements to favourite code combinations
    • ability to search by person
  • Technical resource has been secured for next week (w/c 01/04/13) to install the eIT workpackage into Test
  • Catch-up meeting scheduled for next week to agree the next set of priorities for the project
Dawn Holmes 29-Mar-2013
Weekly update w/c 21/01/13
  • survey results published on the project website
  • 'thank you' email drafted & sent to project sponsor for distribution to survey participants
  • The project will now be suspended until April because of the eFin upgrade
  • A kick-off meeting has been booked for April to agree on next steps
Dawn Holmes 24-Jan-2013
Weekly update w/c 14/01/13
  • WebFirst workpackages 1 and 1a were deployed to Live on 9th Jan.  No issues have been reported from end-users or support staff.
  • Catch-up meeting held with business rep.  Agreed that due to the eFin upgrade project it would be better to suspend the project for Feb/Mar and reconvene in April. The remainder of January will be used to consolidate and publish the results from the online survey.
  • Revised plan drawn up based on project suspension for Feb/Mar
Dawn Holmes 18-Jan-2013
1st set of WebFIrst enhancements now live

In response to end-user feedback from the Finance System Review questionaire, a number of enhancements have been made to the WebFirst application, including: -

Dawn Holmes 09-Jan-2013
Weekly update w/c 17/12/12
  • The additional WebFirst changes have been tested by Finance and confirmed ok.
  • The WebFirst workpackage will be deployed to Live w/c 7th Jan to clear the way for the eFin upgrade project (FIN083)
  • A review meeting has been booked for w/c 7th Jan to agree how (& when) to progress the remaining work packages
Dawn Holmes 21-Dec-2012
Weekly update w/c 10/12/12
  • A small amount of developer time has been secured to complete the high priority changes to the first WebFirst workpackage so that it can be released to Live in the New Year
Dawn Holmes 14-Dec-2012