In 2012 a review of Finance processes was undertaken to identify opportunities to improve processes. Finance processes require up to date information from EUCLID in order to carry out the generation of invoices, credit notes, instalment plans and carrying out fee forecasting. In addition Finance are currently developing a MyEd channel for students that will display the history of invoices, credits and payments made; effective processes are required to ensure that the finanical position displayed to students is transparent.

A number of priority projects were identified as a result of this analysis. This project aims to complete changes to the creation and automation of invoices and credit notes.

This project will investigate the potential for changing how invoices are handled, including:

(i) Automation of the credit note creation in eFin upon determining a change of programme (with rules to constrain whether or not a credit note is required) - with Academic Registry SSFS ceasing to raise credit notes in agreed circumstances.

(ii) Invoices raised contain programme details at a more generic level to avert the need for new invoice on minor changes to programme of study or potentially not holding the programme of study (i.e. only reflect the student's liable amount).

(iii) Investigating options to improve processes including zero credit notes

(iv) Issuing actual invoices later in the matriculation/admissions process and generating early estimated fee invoices so that student can still pay even through an actual invoice has not been raised. 

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
July 2014 BLUE 139.0 days 132.0 days 0.0

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Credit Note/ Sales Invoice Interface Changes
Finance (FIN)
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Dawn Holmes
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Elizabeth Welch
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