The eAuthorisations application was developed within Finance, and was located on a hosted server.  eAuthorisations already controls user access to several key Finance applications.  It is intended that this role will in future be extended to cover all Finance systems.    

The aim of this project was to migrate eAuthorisations on to IS infrastructure, to provide a more robust and more fully supported platform for this critical application.  As this removed eAuthorisations from direct Finance management, it was then necessary to add a number of Administrative functions to the application, to allow FIS staff to continue to manage lists of values, e.g. for bandings, payment types, and transaction types.  To meet the requirement for reports against the eAuthorisations database, a new Business Objects universe was also provided by the project.

After the above key deliverables were met, the project began to address Finance's high priority system enhancements.  It was planned that enhancements would be delivered until the project's budget was reached.  However, additional direct funding has now been provided, to support an extra phase of enhancements.


Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
July 2014 BLUE 388.0 days 386.6 days 0.0