Work/Task Breakdown

  • The work/task breakdown will be shown in the project plan


Resources, Skills and Costs

  • Finance
    • Senior User/Business Lead - knowledge of prior and emerging audit/enquiry requirements
    • FIRST Team - subject matter expertise
    • Research Grants - subject matter expertise
  • IS Applications
    • Project Management
    • Applications Management - eFinancials support (application/database)
    • Development Technology - infrastructure


Project Governance

  • Weekly project team meetings
  • Monthly review at IS Applications/Finance Programme Meeting
  • Regular updates to People and Money Programme via P&M project stakeholders
  • Escalations to project sponsor
  • Reporting on major milestones and changes to scope/budget/time to IS Applications projects governance group (WIS)


Project Stakeholders

Name Business Area Role
Anne Graham IS Applications, Production Management Applications Management Team Manager (Project Team Member)
Ben Armstrong IS Applications, Project Services Project and Programme Manager (Project Team Member)
Chris Cord IS Applications, Production Management Technology Management Team Manager
Craig Henderson Finance Project Sponsor, Senior User and Head of Finance Business Systems (Project Team Member)
Douglas Stewart Finance Business Lead and Business & Strategy Team Leader, Finance (Project Team Member)
Geoff Endersby People and Money Senior Project and Programme Manager, P&M Programme
Jamie Thin IS Applications, Project Services BI / MI Programme Manager
Jen Milne IS Applications IS Applications Director and IS Applications Lead, P&M Programme
Laura Robertson and Lynne Ramsay Finance Representatives from FIRST Team
Loukia Koutsoventi Finance Research Grants Team Representative
Lynda Hutchison People and Money / GASP University BI/MI Business Lead
Mark Lang IS Applications, Development Services Development Technology Team Manager
Steph McHugh Finance Deputy Business Lead and Business & Strategy Officer, Finance (Project Team Member)
Suran Perera IS Applications, Production Management Senior Supplier and Acting Head of IS Production Management (Project Team Member)
Susan Cooke IS Applications, Service Management Enterprise Data Services Team Manager


Project Estimations

100 days of IS Applications effort (note,  this will be reviewed regularly - given this project will focus on analysis and options, rather than the actual infrastructure changes).  

High level breakdown of estimate, by IS Applications section:

Project Services - Programme Manager - 3 days

Project Services - Project Manager - 20 days

Project Services - Business Analyst - 20 days

Project Services - Other (e.g. BI/MI Programme) - 2 days

Senior Supplier - 10 days

Production Management - 30 days

Service Management - 10 days

Development Services - 5 days


High level breakdown of estimate, by activity/stage: 

  • 8 days - project initiation and planning
  • 30 days Infrastructure/End of Life Review of areas providing or interacting with eFinancials such as Managed Desktop/Browsers, Business Objects, Serengeti/Document Management and PaperClip; and any application or component holding audit and enquiry data
  • 30 days Business Requirements exercise for Audit and Enquiry
    • Review of prior actual audit and enquiry requests (data and documents)
    • Review of emerging or future audit and enquiry requirements (data and documents)
  • 15 days - Statement of solution/mitigation options, including user access, risks, prioritisation, GDPR implications and the associated cost and benefit
  • 5 days - Data Privacy Impact Assessment
  • 5 days - project meetings
  • 2 days - project resourcing
  • 5 days - project closure


Project Info

eFinancials Component Infrastructure Review for Audit and Enquiry-related Data
Finance (FIN)
Management Office
Project Manager
Ben Armstrong
Project Sponsor
Craig Henderson
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority