OPAS is currently hosted on infrastructure utilising SQLServer 2008. This infrastructure has proved to be unreliable and services are re-starting itself at least once a day resulting in outages and potentially lost data.  Attempts by Infrastructure to resolve the issue have been unsuccessful.

The Occupational Health Unit have been unable to take advantage of advanced functionality in more recent versions of OPAS (such as flow meters) as these have proved to be incompatible with the current technical set-up.

Overview of requirements

The University Of Edinburgh Occupational Health Department currently have Warwick International's OPAS software. This project requirement is for an upgrade to Warwick International e-OPAS software.

The e-OPAS system requires to capture details of pre-employment activity, referrals and health surveillance, among others including Physiotherapy, whilst acting as a centralised diary system. With eOPAS being web-based it will provide a solution that can be accessed from a variety of locations which will create efficiencies for the team. It is also perceived that by taking advantage of our latest technologies such as the web portal that further efficiencies could be facilitated throughout health surveillance and referral procedures.

There will be a requirement to transfer data from the current OPAS system to the new eOPAS system, however that will be carried out by the supplier


Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
January 2019 BLUE 182.0 days 182.0 days 0.0