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API data mapping OK   Data formats appropriate for API FAIL

Jira HAS002-7

Jira HAS002-9

Load table built correctly   Previous records cleared on start of run.  All records copied and contain correct data. PASS  

Reference table updated correctly


Changes correctly reflected in reference table after successful run.



Log tables updated correctly   UOE_EOPAS_STAFF_LOG and UOE_EOPAS_STAFF_LOG_RECORDS tables get new records on successful runs. PASS  
Bulk updates succeed   Updates of more than 1000 records succeed. PASS 7068 records updated in 6 minutes

Email connection fails


Update still happens and error reported.


Jira HAS002-10

DB connection fails


Error still logged to local text file.


Although no email notification of problem.

API connection fails   Error reported and no changes made so can retry FAIL Jira HAS002-8
Outcome notification text   Content is accurate PASS Although  OK - Updated and OK - Created notices are repeated twice for each staff member.
Inactive run notification text   Content is accurate PASS