Work/Task Breakdown

Project planning Phase 

Task Who Priority When 
Produce Project Brief Project Manager Must  
Produce Project Plan  Project Manager Must  
Produce Project Estimate       

O1. System Design 

Task Who Priority When
D1.1 Documented interface and integration requirements       
D1.1.1 Confirm user data fields required for the interface  Software Development Lead Must  
D1.1.2 Create System Design Specification (SDS) Software Development Lead  Must  
D1.1.3 Determine SSO integration requirements  Development Technology Lead  Must  
D1.1.4 Create Technical Architecture Document (TAD) Development Technology Lead  Must  
D1.1.5 Create user Acceptance Test script Business Lead  Must  

02. Undertake GDPR Checks 

Task Who Priority When
D2.1 Completed relevant GDPR checks       
D2.1.1. Complete approved Data Protection Impact Assessment Project Team  Must  
D.2.2.2 Complete Regular Feeds Document  - permission from Golden Copy data owners  Project Manager  Must  

O3. Implement System integration 

Task  Who Priority When
D3.1 Implementation of data interface and SSO       
D3.1.1 Develop data interface  Software Development Lead  Must  
D3.2.2. Complete development peer review  Software Development Must  
D3.2.3 Complete SSO configuration  Development Technical Lead Must  
D3.2.3 Complete SFTP configuration Development Technical Lead Must  
D3.2.4 Complete UAT Business Lead  Must  
D3.2.5 Complete System Description Document (SDD) Software Development Lead  Must  
D3.26. Complete handover to Production  All Must  
D3.2.7 Complete Deployment CheckList  Applications Management Lead and Technology Management Lead  Must  
D3.2.8 Deployment to Live  Software Development and Development Technology Must  


Resources, Skills and Costs

Department Role Estimated Cost (Days)
Health and Safety Business Lead   
Project Services Project Manager 13
Development IS Software Development Lead 23
  IS Development Technology Lead  12
Production Management IS Applications Management Lead  3
  IS Technology Management Lead  2
Contingency   5


Project Governance

The project team will meet on a weekly basis to 

  • review progress in relation to the project plan and budget 

  • review any issues escalated from the project team 

  • confirm activities for the following period 

The project team will review the Risk Register on a monthly basis and/or at the conclusion of each milestone 


Project Stakeholders

Project Stakeholders Business Area Role
Andrew Stewart Project services Project Manager (Project Team)

Anne Graham

Applications Management CSG Applications Management Team Manager  (Project Team)

Michael Sun 

Development Services Development Lead

Candice Schmid

Health and Safety Department Project Sponsor

Heather Larnach

Technology Management Technology Management Team Manager  (Project Team)

Lawrence Dickson

Health and Safety Business Lead (Project Team)

Mark Lang

Development Technology Development Technology Team Manager

Michael Sun

Applications Development Lead Developer (Project Team)
Susan Woodman Health and Safety System Admin (Project Team) 

Technical Lead (t.b.c.)

Development Technology Technical Lead (Project Team)


Project Estimations

Project estimate 


Project Info

Cardinus SSO and Account Provisioning
Health & Safety (HAS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Andrew Stewart
Project Sponsor
Candice Schmid
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority