The existing employee record management process is heavily manual and paper-based. Additionally, there are multiple hard copy files for employees, e.g. one employee could have a file held by devolved HR, a file held by a school administration team and possibly even their line manager.  All of these files would contain a mixture of the same as well as unique information – there is no single complete employee file.

A project was proposed to introduce a single electronic employee file that can be accessed and updated across the University by appropriate authorised personnel.  This will introduce cost efficiencies and provide the following benefits:

  • A single source of employee information
  • Increased speed of access to information
  • Removal or minimising of risks associated with having multiple copies produced and stored in different locations.
  • Lower risk of data privacy breaches and compromising  data protection principles
  • Making use of existing technology in the University (SharePoint) to provide a common, intuitive way of storing, searching and updating digitised employee files.
  • Potential removal of requirement for an external archiving service
  • Enables an easier transition of electronic records from SharePoint into the new core HR system, scheduled for the end of 2019.



The project's objectives are:

  • Design a new SharePoint service, ensuring it will meet long-term needs, specifically a stepping stone towards a new HR system
  • Design the service to ensure it is usable by all areas of the University if needed on a short term basis until the new HR system is implemented
  • Understand any arrangements and costs with current suppliers, and how this relates to those in place for ISG records
  • Design the service to be compliant with Records Management (observing retention rules, right to use information, GDPR etc.)
  • Design access management for the service - granting authorised users the right to use a service, while restricting access to non-authorised users. Remove access when people change roles, and regularly audit access permissions.
  • Procurement of bulk scanning services for existing paper records, and scanning equipment for ongoing scanning once initial digitisation of records is completed.


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HR Transformation File Digitisation
Service Excellence - HR Transformation Programme
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Service Excellence PMO
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Stewart MacDougall
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Susan McNeill
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