Proposed Business Processes

Targeted Current Processes


The only changes to the current processes will be:

  • the addition of changes to eRecruitment and PPIP MI
  • the HESA Return files are to be produced as xml rather than as csv




1.  Prepare data for HESA Return process

  • Archive previous year’s data
  • Clear down current year’s tables
  • Request from Finance the latest version of the hierarchy mapping of HESA cost centres to Finance cost centres
  • Load HESA cost centres hierarchy mapping data
  • Apply new SOC codes to eRecruitment system's pick-list
  • Apply new SOC codes to HR system's pick-list
  • Assess and apply new SOC codes to HR records
  • Perform Survey for data required for new fields
  • Load Survey responses to new fields


2.  Extract HR data to HESA return tables

  • Run audit reports and resolve and issues
  • Generate HESA id
  • Run HESA extract process


3.  Edit HESA current year tables

  • Run validation reports
  • Manually apply required data corrections


4.  Submit data to HESA

  • Unzip and load HESA-supplied validation software to selected network subdirectory
  • Create Person xml file
  • Create Contract xml file
  • Load xml files to the secure website
  • Execute the HESA validation process
  • Submit files to HESA


Process Maps  

Business process mapping software is no longer available.  For the most part, there are no changes to the Current Processes.


Context Diagram