Meeting - Build Stage - 10-Apr-2013

Preparation for Test Implementation:

Susan will run the HESA archive process in Test this afternoon.

Alyson has talked to Anne F about extracting the SHEFC codes from Finance.  Anne doesn't know whether these are yet available in eFin.  Susan to follow this up with Finance.  If they're not available at the start of UAT, then we'll start the UAT with what we have.  When they become available and Apps Mgt has uploaded them to HR Test, Susan will re-run the HESA extract to pull across the new codes.

To date, Manya has provided only a RESAST csv frile from PURE.  In Dev, this single file was used to populate both fields.  However, Alyson noted that it would be better not to use the same PURE csv file to populate both RESAST and ECRSTAT.  Susan to ask Manya for an ECRSTAT csv file.  When this becomes available, and Dev Tech has uploaded it to the Temp tables, Susan will re-run the HESA extract to apply the new flags.

Because of issues with the eRecruitment Dev database, it has not been possible to fully test the changes to the eRecruitment extract.  The initial Build Review meeting on Monday suggested holding back the eRecruitment extract from the implementation to Test until the supplier can restore the Dev database.  It was instead agreed that the eRecruitment extract changes should be implemented to Test along with the rest of the Build, so they can be tested there. 


The Test implementation is scheduled for next week, and will include everything except the Apex forms.  (The forms development had to be delayed when Oracle rescheduled the Apex training course.)  

The target UAT release date for the bulk of the Build is 24th April.

The target UAT release date for the Apex forms is 6th May.

For full details, please see the Stage Plan for the current year's project stages.

Since the Apex forms are new, they will require thorough testing.  Jill recommended that the UAT testing for the initial Build release be prioritised, so that as much as possible can be completed before the Apex forms are realeased.  This means that BOXI will have to be used to view the data for the initial testing.  Jill to ensure that the mistst01 user id in BOXI Test has Susan's BOXI LIve authorisations for HR universe access. 

Jira Review:

It was agreed that the following Jiras should be closed:






Four existing Business Area Tasks and one UAT Jira remain open.

New Jiras to be raised for today's actions:

HRS071-24 - Susan to ask Manya for ECRSTAT csv file

HRS071-25 - Susan to follow up availability of new SHEFC codes with Finance

HRS071-26 - Jill to set up required access permissions for BOXI Test user mistst01