Meeting - Build Stage - 13-Feb-2013

Present:  Susan McLaren, Debbie Kilgallon, Alyson Shaw, Jill Nicoll


For HESA fields, please refer back to the numbering of new/changed fields in the 9th January meeting note.

Jira review:

JiraActioned OnDescriptionUpdate / Action required
HRS071-1Alyson5.  CURACCDIS 

For all academic staff, the extract process will map the staff member's main assignment's level 5 Org Unit to a representative JACS code. 

Following the blanket mapping, above, if it becomes possible for PURE to provide a csv file of JACS codes for Researchers (currently available only as Cost Centres), then this will overwrite the mapped JACS code.

Alyson to apply above decision to System Design.

HRS071-3Susan18.  LEVELS

Meeting pending.

HRS071-5AlysonAdd new fields to eRecruitment

Debbie has added the 6 ACTSOC fields to eRecruitment in Dev and Test.

Nikki says that since these are Additional Questions in eRecruitment, they should auto-populate into the "wheel" views.

Alyson to check that new fields are on views.

HRS071-6Susan and DebbieDetailed test scripts for UAT Plan


HRS071-7JillReplan project with early delivery of HR application changes

Alyson was booked to add the new fields to the HR application and to the extract from eRecruitment.  However:

  • this resource booking has been lost to FIN072
  • the eRecruitment extract code is currently checked out to FIN072, and so cannot be modified for FIN071 until its FIN072 changes have been deployed to Live and checked back in

As a result, it is now uncertain whether the early delivery will be possible. 

Risk 10 raised.

HRS071-8Susan22.  ACTSOC

Still need ACTSOC equivalent(s) for SOC Code 2a in extract's conditional logic.

HRS071-9Manya7.  ECRSTAT Manya's target date for initial csv file is early March
HRS071-10Manya15.  RESASTManya's target date for initial csv file is early March
HRS071-12AlysonManager Self Service screen preferences

Susan confirmed that she preferred the separate screen displaying the codes and descriptions.

Susan asked for a change to the  Assignment Status field, to aways be set to Terminate Process Assignment. This shouldn't be updatable by application users.

HRS071-13Susan5.  CURACCDIS

Susan to draft the mapping, and ask School Administrators to review and comment. 

Susan to ask School Administrators to identify any individual exceptions.  Identified exceptions will be manually overwritten via the HESA application.