Meeting - Build Stage - 13-Mar-2013

Present:  Manya Buchan, Susan McLaren, Debbie Kilgallon, Alyson Shaw, Jill Nicoll


Field Review:


Manya proposed using job segments and grades to map to ACTSOC.  Manya will provide this mapping for academic staff. 

Susan indicated that this mapping is not viable for non-academic staff.  Susan will assign ACTSOC values to non-academic staff individually, based on job title.


ACEMPFUN is derived from ACTSOC and grade.  It can't be keyed in to the HR record, because HESA requires the value as at 31st July.  This is therefore calculated in the HESA extract code.  Alyson to send the SQL for ACEMPFUN to Manya (done).

3.  RESAST (Jira HRS071-10)

Manya will provide a sample RESAST csv asap, for use in the Build stage.  However, the final csv, for the Live deployment, will be created only after Susan has provided Manya with the confirmed population for the HESA return.

Alyson to ensure that the Live deployment plan incluldes a separate, later step, to upload the RESAST csv file.

4.  ACTCHQUAL (Jira HRS071-5)

Alyson had a concern with the method of deploying these fields in eRecruitment.  However, there is no other way to deploy them.  Debbie has agreed to add the prefix number for the possible values to the fields.  Alyson will design the code to select on Answer = Yes, and a substring of the first 2 characters of Question appears in the list of valid prefix numbers.

The eRecruitment extract code will stop selecting ACTCHQUALs after the limit of 6 has been reached.

5. CURACCDIS (Jira HRS071-1, HRS071-13)

Susan provided a partial list of the data mapping from Level 5 Org Unit to JACS codes for CURACCDIS.  Note that this is required for academic staff only.

Update 14-Mar-2013:  Alyson has asked for a csv for these values.

6.  LEVELS (Jira HRS071-3)

Susan provided a partial list of the field derivation rules for LEVELS.  The list should be read as

where [GRADES column] AND ( [JS2 column] OR [JS3 column] )

Update 14-Mar-2013:  Alyson has asked for a csv for these values.


 Project Issues:

1.  HRS072 patching

Alyson and Greg have identified an issue with the HR Global patches.  Oracle solution pending.  Still aiming for 27-Mar-2013 deployment date.

2.  eRecruitment extract code

This code is still being held by Apps Mgt, for UniDesk call I130228-0114\01 - Trailing spaces in xml data in IDM notifications.

Susan indicated that this call is not for HR, but rather for an IDM issue. 

Susan would like the project to take precedence for the eRecruitment extract code.  Jill to raise with Nikki.

Nikki has indicated that delays with this code will have a knock-on impact on the eRecruitment project.  Susan and Alyson confirmed that that project will not need the code until May.

3.  Cancelled Apex course

Oracle has cancelled the Edinburgh offering of the Apex course.  Oracle has given us the options of a London offering in early May, or of sending four delegates from IS Apps to secure an Edinburgh offering in early April.  A third option is to risk proceeding with the Build without the formal course.  Greg would instead rely on Alyson's course notes from a year ago.

It was agreed that the risk of proceeding without the course would be accepted.

Update 15-Mar-2013:  IS Apps have nominated 4 delegates, and secured the early April course in Edinburgh.  The project plan will be adjusted for this 1-week delay in starting the Apex work.