Meeting - Build Stage - 27-Mar-2013

Present:  Debbie Kilgallon, Alyson Shaw, Jill Nicoll


Readiness for Build Review:

As of the IS team meeting on Monday 18th March, the following tasks were still outstanding:

1.  Alyson (available at 40% fte):

  • design eRecruitment  extract changes - done
  • re-design LEVELS (for late requirement changes) - done
  • write Implementation Plan - well in hand
  • peer test the Build - ongoing

2.  Pamela (available at 50% fte):  

  • code eRecruitment extract changes - done, but still in testing
  • code RESAST - done
  • code CURACCDIS based on Alyson's sample csv - done
  • test and possibly re-code CURACCDIS based on Susan's revised csv (still to come) - done
  • re-code LEVELS (as above, for late requirement changes) - done
  • minor re-code to ENDCON, to remove default value - done
  • address peer testing feedback - ongoing

All Config resources are out of the office next week.  The Build Review meeting will take place on 8th April.  Pamela booked at 50% for the week of 8th April, to address any issues arising from the Build Review.  It was agreed that the project will proceed with the planned schedule.


Project update:

IS Apps have arranged a new Oracle Apex course for four delegates, two from Config and two from Apps Mgt.  The course is scheduled for w/c 1st April, in Edinburgh.  Greg will start work on the HESA forms on his return from the course.  As previously noted, the rest of the Build will be deployed to Test ahead of the forms. 


Jira Review:

The following Jiras were closed:

HRS071-3 was returned to Susan, for a complete set of Rules for LEVELS.  When available, these revised Rules will be addressed as UAT feedback.


Project Risk:

HRS072 will continue to apply multiple patches from Oracle.  These may affect Test HR availability during this project's UAT stage (April 24th - May 21st).


Data Timing:

New SOCCODEs should not be applied in Live eRecruitment until this project's revised extract code has been deployed to Live. 

New ACTCHQUAL values can be applied in eRecruitment without affecting HR.  However these values will not be extracted from eRecruitment to HR until after this project's revised extract code has been deployed to Live.  (Until then, the values would have to be re-keyed into HR.)



Alyson to talk to Anne F and Paul R re. extracting current SHEFC codes from Finance.  As part of the Implementation, John C would then run control file and shell script, to upload these codes to HR.

Alyson to include Pamela's Implementation document in the Implementation Plan.

Susan/Debby to ask Manya for a more realistic ECRSTAT csv file, to be applied in Test.  (In Dev, the RESAST file was used for both RESAST and ECRSTAT.)