Meeting - Design Stage - 04-Feb-2013

Present:  Alyson Shaw, Pamela Smulski, Gordon McKenna, Jill Nicoll

Apologies:  Neil Grant

Purpose:  To review the HR and APEX TADs, ahead of Thursday's Design Review meeting


Meeting Note:


Alyson recommended removal of the new bullet points.  Gordon to discuss this with Mark L this afternoon, and take whatever action they agree.

Alyson will copy these bullet points to the Tech Collaboration wiki, as their information is useful to the Congif / Apps Mgt teams.


Alyson thinks that the document Gordon has updated is her System Description rather that Dev Tech's TAD.  Gordon to check with Dev Tech mentors.  Once he's sure he has the APEX TAD document, Gordon to update it with the following:

A new, single, generic Apex user id will be created for this project, but will also be used by future projects.

The new Apex user will be granted select, update (and insert? - tbc by Alyson) to the HR HESA tables.  

The application will then also apply the individual user's own HR access privs.



  • Agree with Mark L whether to remove new bulet points from HR TAD.

  • Add new user id details to the APEX TAD.


  • Copy Gordon's bullet points to the Tech Collab wiki

  • Confirm whether new Apex user id will also need insert privs.