Meeting - Design Stage - 11-Jan-2013

Present:  David Foggo, Neil Grant, Gordon McKenna, Jill Nicoll

Purpose:  To discuss and agree the project requirements for Technical documentation and testing

Meeting Note:

1.  TAD: 

Gordon has checked both the "master" HR TAD and the TAD for a previous HR HESA project.  Gordon will update the "master" HR TAD with appropriate details on the HR HESA system.  This will include:

  • Schemas
  • Users
  • Roles
  • The two BOXI universes - "HR_ Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA HR)" and "xARCHIVE_ HR HESA"  
  • Sections to cover anything new arising from the current project - e.g. the csv upload from PURE

An Asta booking is already in place for this work, which should be completed by the end of January.  Neil is available for advice if needed.

2.  Test plans and testing:

The HR HESA system is a small, non-transactional application, used only by Susan McLaren's HR team.  It is populated by an HR extract, and will in future also receive an uploaded csv file from PURE.  Its priority is below that of HR.

It was agreed that there is no requirement for:

  • DR testing
  • Resiliency testing
  • Load testing

Consequently, no test plans will be produced for these.

 3.  Technical documentation:

An Operational Document should be produced.  No other technical documentation is required.

This is a deliverable of the UAT stage.  Estimate = 2d Gordon, plus 0.5d Neil.

David needs this document to include whatever Tech Mgt will need to support the new Apex forms. 

4.  AOCB:

Alyson's System Design should let Dev Tech know:

  • any new users that will be needed for Apex, for csv uploading, and/or for xml outputting
  • what Apex will need, and how it will be deployed
  • how the PURE csv will be uploaded

Dev Tech encourages Alyson to meet to discuss any of the above, at any time.

Jill to set up fortnightly ISA project team meetings on Mnday mornings.  (Recurring appointment set up through end of April.)