Meeting - Design Stage - 16-Jan-2013

Present:  Susan McLaren, Debbie Kilgallon, Alyson Shaw, Jill Nicoll


A.  Project Management:

Due to a number of losses of Alyson's time, the System Design stage has had to be lengthened.  Alyson's time has now been re-booked at a lower fte, to cover the remaining Design work.  This is now scheduled to finish in early February.

Susan confirmed that the project's delivery milestone is for the entire project scope.  

Susan needs the HESA tables and all BOXI universes immediately upon her return from leave on June 18th, because she will start running extracts through the HESA validation routines at that time.  

If it is not possible to sign off UAT before the end of May, then Debbie will complete the final UAT re-testing and sign-off.  This will enable the Live deployment to progress in Susan's absence.

It was agreed that the HR system changes would be progressed as a top priority phase, ahead of the rest of the development. 

In this first phase, along with the HR field and screen changes, the extract from eRecruitment must also be updated to include the new eRecruitment fields. 

In preparation for this, Susan will add the new fields to eRecruitment, and arrange for for CORE to add these fields to the views. 

It was agreed that Susan and Debbie would prepare more detailed test scripts, if possible using the BRD reference ids in the (high-level) UAT Test Plan.


B.  Design clarification:

Please refer back to the numbering of new/changed fields in last week's meeting note.

2.  ACTCHQUAL - Academic teaching qualification

Alyson proposed designing this as a single extra information type with 6 segments.  This was agreed.

3.  ACTLEAVE - Activity after leaving

Hide (or disable?) the existing LEDEST field.  Create a new field for the new requirement.

6.  DISABLE - Disability (changed)

No change to disability fields on HR, eRecruitment or PPIP.  These will continue to collect data in the two fields, DISABLE1 and DISABLE2.

For HESA, the extract code will set the DISABLE field as follows:  If DISABLE2 is not null, then set DISABLE = "08", else set DISABLE = DISABLE1.

8.  ETHNIC - Ethnicity (changed)

No change to ethnicity field on HR, eRecruitment or PPIP. 

For HESA, the extract code will set the ETHNIC field by mapping the actual HR value to the valid HESA values.

Alyson has investigated the current Assignment record, and found that the Clinical fields are already held in an extra information type called "HESA...".  Alyson therefore proposed adding a new extra information type to the Assignment, called "Non-clinical HESA fields".  This was agreed.




  • Jira HRS071-5:  Add new field(s) to eRecruitment; arrange with CORE to add to views
  • Jira HRS071-6:  Prepare more detailed test scripts for UAT Test Plan


  • Jira HRS071-7:  Re-plan project to deliver in phases, with priority on HR work and the extract from eRecruitment.  Note: This will not be done until the revised estimates are taken, later in the Design stage.