Meeting - Design Stage - 21-Jan-2013

Present:  Alyson Shaw, Ron McLeod, Neil Grant, Gordon McKenna, Jill Nicoll

Purpose:  To provide input to, and answer questions about, the TAD

Meeting Note:

Gordon confirmed that a more recent TAD version had been identified.  This one appears to better reflect the current situation.  Gordon will take the appropriate sections of this and copy them into the "master" HR TAD.

Alyson confirmed that no architecture changes are expected for the current project.

  • The csv file from PURE can be uploaded to a new HESA temporary table using a sql loader script and an existing user id.
  • Alyson thinks that the xml output file can use the same technology that the current csv download file uses - tbc later in the Design stage.

Alyson thinks that it might be useful to add a new generic HR user id to Apex.  Alyson to confirm details for the TAD.

Apex has its own schema on a separate db instance.  Db links are set up between Apex and HR.  Gillian will have documented this for the HRS068 TAD and Operationsal Document.  Gordon to consult with Gillian.

Gordon and Alyson will get together, for Alyson to demo how the current system operates.