Meeting - Design Stage - 23-Jan-2013

Present:  Susan McLaren, Debbie Kilgallon, Alyson Shaw, Jill Nicoll


A.  Project Management:

Update on Actions from previous meetings:

Jira HRS071-7:  Jill reported that she'd re-planned the Build stage to combine the HR database and application changes, plus the eRecruitment extract changes, as a top priority first phase.  The rescheduled plan will require the new eRecruitment fields to be delivered to the Views by 11th February (Jira HRS071-5) to avoid delays in the delivery of this first Phase.  Pamela, a new Config Team resource, will be assigned to this work.

No update on Susan's actions.

Jill and Susan reported that Craig Middlemass has confirmed that the project's BOXI changes will not conflict with the BOCI Upgrade project's migrations.  Project Risk 7 has therefore been closed.


B.  Design clarification:

Please refer back to the numbering of new/changed fields in the 9th January meeting note.

Alyson asked for clarification on the following fields:

2.  ACTCHQUAL - Academic teaching qualification   (Jira HRS071-5)

0 - 6 responses are allowed.  This will be added to HR application as a 6-segment entry.  If possible, CORE should add this to the View as 6 separate fields. 

5.  CURACCDIS - Current academic discipline   (Jira HRS071-1)

Outstanding action against Susan to confirm this requirement, and whether it can be provided by PURE. 

There is some concern about this field, because it applies to all academic staff, while PURE contains only Research staff.

This field previously reported highest qualification, but HESA has changed the requirement to instead report taught/research subject area(s).

12.  PARLEAVE - Parental Leave  (Jira HRS071-2)

Alyson noted that this is an optional field.  Susan to confirm whether it should therefore be omitted from this year's project.

18.  LEVELS - Contract levels  (Jira HRS071-3)

Outstanding action against Susan to confirm this requirement

22.  ACTSOC - Activity Standard Occupational Classification

Currently, the population of many HESA fields is determined by SOC Code = 2A. 

Susan to confirm which value(s) of ACTSOC - and other fields(s) tbc ? - should now be used in all of these selections.   (New Jira HRS071-8)

Jill to invite Manya to next week's project meeting, to discuss the requirements for the fields that will be sourced from PURE. 




  • Jira HRS071-1:  Check with Manya - can PURE provide JACS code for the subject being taught/researched, for   5.  CURACCDIS - Current academic discipline
  • Jira HRS071-2:  12.  PARLEAVE - confirm whether this optional field can be omitted from this year's project  - DONE - confirmed and Jira closed, 28-Jan-2013
  • Jira HRS071-3:  Confirm requirement for   18.  LEVELS - Contract levels
  • Jira HRS071-4:  Confirm requirement for   20.  MOEMP - Mode of employment
  • Jira HRS071-5:  Add new field(s) to eRecruitment; arrange with CORE to add to views
  • Jira HRS071-6:  Prepare more detailed test scripts for UAT Test Plan
  • Jira HRS071-8:  confirm which value(s) of ACTSOC - and other fields(s) tbc ? - should now be used in all SOC = 2A selections


  • Invite Manya to next week's meeting.  Include links to the HESA requirements for the PURE-related fields.  - DONE, and accepted by Manya.
  • Jira HRS071-7:  Re-plan project to deliver in phases, with priority on HR work and the extract from eRecruitment.  - Build stage done; later stages still to do.