Meeting - UAT Stage - 01-May-2013

1.  Delayed Items:

      1.1  SHEFC Codes: 

There is still no eta for getting the new 3-digit SHEFC codes into eFin.  Graeme Baliey provided two csv files of new codes.  These required a lengthy manual process by Alyson before they could be uploaded in Dev. 

  • Alyson to test the upload in Dev, then ask Gordon to apply in Test
  • Alyson to send Susan the ideal format for future uploads from Finance

Only the method that's been signed off in Test can be deployed to Live.  

     1.2  eRecruitment Test

There is still no eta for Core to resolve the issues it created in Test eRecruitment when installing the new HESA fields.  Core have been aware of the issues for two or three weeks.  The eRecruitment data cannot be set up, or the extract run, until the issues are resolved.  This therefore remains critical to the project.

Ideally, the eRecruitment extract would have been tested first, since we couldn't test this in the Dev environment (which is also broken).

Actions dependent on resolution of eRecruitment issues - carried over from last week:

     1.2.1  ACTQUAL Codes:

When eRecruitment does become available, Debbie to set up appropriate new applicants (around 6 records), to include:

  • High grade & low grade

  • No ACTQUALs, between 1 and 6 ACTQUALs & more than 6 ACTQUALs.

     1.2.2  ACTSOC Codes:

When eRecruitment does become available, Debbie to set up appropriate ACTSOCs, so that they'll feed through to test all permutations of the conditional processing that's based on ACTSOC values. 

     1.2.3  eRecruitment extract:

Debbie has started setting up new vacancies and applicants, but can't complete the process until Core have fixed the Test application.  After the applicants and codes have been set up in eRecruitment, the extract will be re-run by Alyson, on request from Susan/Debbie. 

     1.3  APEX Build

The target date for release of the Apex forms for UAT testing was Monday 6th May.  This is now delayed to Wednesday 8th May,

2.  UAT

     2.1  Testing Update

Susan and Debbie have set up 100 users, to use as test cases,  These represent all the required conditional processing for the testing.

     2.2  UAT Test Plan

Jill asked Susan and Debbie to update the high level test items in the UAT Test Plan as they progress through their testing.

Susan offered to provide the detailed test plan in addition to logging the high level process.  Jill welcomed this offer, and confirmed that the detailed plan will be linked to the high level document, so long as there is no confidential data.

     2.3  Levels

Pamela has addressed the update to the business logic for Levels. 

Alyson to check with Pamela that she has included the additional detail in the fourth column of Susan's spreadsheet.

     2.4  Re-publication of addressed feedback

Jill confirmed that Gordon is "on retainer" to support UAT, and so can be asked to publish up revised code for re-testing, as it becomes available.

3.  Project Resources 

     3.1  UAT

Alyson is booked at 28% fte to coordinate UAT feedback and support the developers, and to complete the System Description Document.  However, Alyson is over-booked, over the next couple of weeks, to HRS072.

     3.2  Post-UAT

The developers are booked only to the end of UAT testing, on 21st May. 

     3.3  Post-deployment

Alyson is booked from 30th May, at 4 days effort over 3 weeks elapsed, to provide post-deployment support.

From the deployment sign-off milestone on 19th June, there will be no project resources until the start of the 2013-14 planning year, to which 40 days are being carried over.

4.  AOCB

     4.1  One Business Area Jira was closed.

     4.2  HESA requirement changes

In the past week, HESA have issued two postings of data requirement changes. 

Alyson offered to review these, and confirm impact on the project's code.

     4.3  HESA codes for REF

Manya has indicated that the REF will need HESA ids, at the start of November, for new staff who start between 1st August and 31st October.  However, HESA Ids are not normally assigned until July.  Also, new staff transferring in from UK previous HEIs need to be reassigned their previous HESA ids.

To be investigated: 

  • Susan:  Does Manya need this for Nov 2013, or for Nov 2014?
  • Alyson:  Can the sql that generates HESA codes be run independently of the HESA extract?
  • Alyson:  If so, then would a subbsequentrun of the extract over-write the HESA ids that the independent run generated?

Note that this work should be handled under the REF project, rather than the HR HESA project.

5.  Actions:

Alyson to test the SHEFC upload in Dev, then ask Gordon to apply in Test

Alyson to send Susan the ideal format for future SHEFC uploads from Finance

Alyson to check that Pamela has applied all requirements to the revised Levels logic 

Alyson to coordinate batches of UAT fixes, for deployment to Test by Gordon

Alyson to review HESA postings, and confirm impact on project code (see item 6, below)

Config team to progress Apex forms, for revised target UAT release date of Weds 8th May

Core to fix Test eRecruitment system

Debbie to set up test data in eRecruitment, once Core have fixed Test system

Susan and Debbie to update UAT outcomes in the UAT Test Plan

Susan and Debbie to send detailed UAT test plans to Jill for inclusion on the project website

Susan to clarify REF requriements with Manya


6.  Outcome of review of HESA requirement changes:

6.1  ecrstat : no changes required

6.2  endcon: no changes required

6.3  locleave: small change so that this is not set for atypical staff

6.4  prevemp

New validation that says cannot be certain values (05 and 06) depending on datefhei. The code at the moment just picks up whatever is in HR so I was proposing to leave that on the basis that if anyone has 05 or 06 when they shouldn't then HR would need changed anyway.

6.5  regbody

This is a difficult one. Regbody was not marked as changed this year and we have not touched it but the code does not seem to be doing anything like what is in the hesa spec now. The code picks up from HR and then sets to zero for various cost centre codes. I think we need to discuss this one as even if we use existing logic I will have to work out the new ccentre codes to use.

I will create JIRA for regbody