Meeting - UAT Stage - 08-May-2013

1.  Delayed Items:

      1.1  SHEFC Codes: 

Actions from last week:. 

  • Alyson to test the upload in Dev, then ask Gordon to apply in Test
    • Tested in Dev, but still to be applied in Test
    • Susan asked for this to be done asap, for UAT testing
  • Alyson to send Susan the ideal format for future uploads from Finance
    • Still to be done

Only the method that's been signed off in Test can be deployed to Live.  

     1.2  eRecruitment Test

Actions from last week:. 

  • Core to fix Test eRecruitment system
    • Core have reported that they've fixed the Test system
    • Still to be tested by Debbie
  • Debbie to set up test data in eRecruitment, once Core have fixed Test system
    • Still to be done

Actions dependent on resolution of eRecruitment issues - carried over from last two weeks:

     1.2.1  ACTQUAL Codes:

When eRecruitment does become available, Debbie to set up appropriate new applicants (around 6 records), to include:

  • High grade & low grade

  • No ACTQUALs, between 1 and 6 ACTQUALs & more than 6 ACTQUALs.

     1.2.2  ACTSOC Codes:

When eRecruitment does become available, Debbie to set up appropriate ACTSOCs, so that they'll feed through to test all permutations of the conditional processing that's based on ACTSOC values. 

     1.2.3  eRecruitment extract:

Debbie has started setting up new vacancies and applicants, but can't complete the process until Core have fixed the Test application. 

Susan has requested that the nightly extract from eRecruitment to HR be switched on in Test.  Alyson to ask Gordon to switch this on. 

     1.3  APEX Build

The Apex forms are now released for UAT. 

  • Greg would like to give Susan and Debbie a demo of these.  Alyson to have Greg set up this meeting.  
  • Some forms issues have already been identified.  Alyson will raise Jiras for these. 

     1.4  HESA requirement changes

  • Alyson to raise UAT Jira to change the REGBODY code to match new HESA requirements. 

l2.  UAT

     2.1  Levels

Pamela has addressed the update to the business logic for Levels. 

  • Pamela has NOT included the additional detail from the fourth column of Susan's spreadsheet.
  • Susan confirmed that she needs the Levels code asap, and would prefer not to wait for it to be Peer tested.   Alyson to arrange for this to be implemented to Test as is.

3.  Project Planning

     3.1  UAT

The developers are booked only to the end of UAT testing, on 21st May. 

Susan confirmed that she prefers not to extend the UAT stage resources or milestone.

     3.2  Carry-over

40 days of ISA effort will carry forward to the next planning year.  It was agreed that this effort should be booked from 5th August to 15th November.   

4.  AOCB

     4.1  Five Jiras were closed.

     4.2  API for ACTCODEs

Susan asked whether the project would be able to upload an API of ACTSOC codes to the HR database.  These are expected to become available at the end of July.

Alyson confirmed that she would have to write the API then run it in Dev.  Gordon would then have to run it in Test.  

HR would have to provide assignment_number and actsoc in csv  format.

     4.3  Disability code 8

This code should not appear in HR, but is required in the LoV in HESA.

     4.4  HESA codes for REF

Manya has indicated that the REF will need HESA ids, at the start of November, for new staff who start between 1st August and 31st October.  However, HESA Ids are not normally assigned until July.  Also, new staff transferring in from UK previous HEIs need to be reassigned their previous HESA ids.

To be investigated: 

  • Susan:  Does Manya need this for Nov 2013, or for Nov 2014?
  • Once date confirmed:
    • Alyson:  Can the sql that generates HESA codes be run independently of the HESA extract?
    • Alyson:  If so, then would a subbsequentrun of the extract over-write the HESA ids that the independent run generated?

Note that this work should be handled under the REF project, rather than the HR HESA project.

5.  Actions:

HRS071-63  Alyson to ask Gordon to apply SHEFC Codes and Levels to Test

HRS071-64  Alyson to send Susan the ideal format for future SHEFC uploads from Finance

HRS071-65  Alyson to arrange for nightly eRecruitment extract to be switched on in Test

HRS071-69  Alyson to raise UAT Jira to change the REGBODY code to match new HESA requirements

HRS071-66  Alyson to raise Apex Jiras (UAT component)

HRS071-67  Greg to arrange Apex demo for Susan and Debbie

Debbie to confirm that eRecruitment has been fixed, then set up test cases

Susan and Debbie to update UAT outcomes in the UAT Test Plan

Susan and Debbie to send detailed UAT test plans to Jill for inclusion on the project website

HRS071-68  Susan to clarify REF requriements with Manya