Meeting - UAT Stage - 15-May-2013

1.  Delayed Items:

      1.1  SHEFC Codes: 

Actions from last week:. 

  • The SHEFC codes are now in Test

  • Alyson has sent Susan the ideal format for future uploads from Finance

When the final version of the file does come from Finance, it will be loaded to Test and tested before it is applied in Live.   

     1.2  eRecruitment Test

Actions from last week:. 

  • Core fixed the Test eRecruitment system

  • Debbie has set up test data in eRecruitment

  • Still waiting for the first extract from eRecruitment to HR, so that the data feed can be tested.

Actions dependent on resolution of eRecruitment issues - carried over from last two weeks:

     1.2.1  ACTQUAL Codes:

Debbie still to set up appropriate new applicants (around 6 records), to include:

  • High grade & low grade

  • No ACTQUALs, between 1 and 6 ACTQUALs & more than 6 ACTQUALs.

     1.2.2  ACTSOC Codes:

Debbie has set up appropriate ACTSOCs, so that they'll feed through to test all permutations of the conditional processing that's based on ACTSOC values. 

     1.2.3  eRecruitment extract:

Debbie has set up new vacancies and applicants.

Gordon reports that the nightly extract from eRecruitment to HR is switched on in Test.  

     1.3  APEX Build

The Apex forms are now released for UAT. 

  • Greg has addressed the Apex Jiras, and has asked Gordon to deploy the fixes to Test

     1.4  HESA requirement changes

  • REGBODY code updated in Dev to match new HESA requirements, but Dev hasn't the required data to test it.  Alyson to arrange for publication to Test, so it can be tested there. 

l2.  UAT

     2.1  Levels

In Test without the act spinal points.

act still to be looked at, but this may have to wait until the August project bookings.

     2.2  UAT JIras ready to go to Test

Alyson to arrange with Gordon to publlish fixes, and ensure that Jiras are routed back to Susan for re-testing.

     2.3  Susan and Debbie to please note that the UAT Plan must be filled in before the UAT Sign-off Review meeting.

3.  Project Planning

     3.1  UAT Sign-off Milestone at risk

Alyson and Jill are both on leave next Monday and Tuesday.  So any new testing issues identified after tomorrow will not be able to be addressed if they require Alyson's guidance.

There has still been no extract from eRecruitment, so the scope of issues arising from that are still unknown 

The team are now less confident that Susan was last week when she confirmed that the UAT Milestone should not be extended.

  • Jill to request contingency Config resouce to follow on from next Wednesday's UAT Sign-off Review meeting - done
  • Jill to book contingency UAT Sign-off follow-up review meeting at 9 am on Monday 27th May - done

It was agreed that the deployment resource bookings should remain as is for now.  These are currently scheduled to complete immediately before 2 days of downtime for HRS072.  Any delay would take our deployment into June, after the HRS072 deployment has completed.  This item will be revisited at next Wednesday's UAT Sign-off Review meeting.


4.  AOCB

     4.1   API for ACTCODEs

Susan to please note that HR will have to provide the assignment_number and actsoc in csv  format for the API load.

     4.3  Disability code 8

This code has been added to the LoV in HESA.

     4.4  HESA codes for REF

Susan confirmed that Manya needs this for November 2013.

Alyson has Jira to consider impact and estimate effort, but this is of lower priority than getting HRS071 to Live.


  • Can the sql that generates HESA codes be run independently of the HESA extract?
    • If so, then would a subsequent run of the extract over-write the HESA ids that the independent run generated?

5.  Actions:

Debbie to set up appropriate new applicants to test ACTQUALs

Alyson to arrange for REGBODY publication to Test, so it can be tested there. 

Alyson to arrange with Gordon to publlish JIra fixes, and ensure that Jiras are routed back to Susan for re-testing.

Susan and Debbie to fill in testing outcomes in UAT Plan before the UAT Sign-off Review meeting next week.

Susan and Debbie to provide detailed test plans for linking to the project website.

Susan to provide the assignment_number and actsoc in csv  format for the ACTSOC API load.

Low priority, for action after go-live:  Alyson to assess Manya's HESA id request.