Meeting - UAT Stage - 26-Apr-2013

1.  Delayed Items:

      1.1  SHEFC Codes: 

There is no eta for getting the new 3-digit SHEFC codes into eFin.  In the interim:

  • UAT testing will proceed using the old, 2-digit codes
  • Graeme Baliey will provide a csv file with the new codes
  • Alyson will arrange for that csv file to be loaded into HR

However, before UAT can be signed off, and before Live deployment can be approved, the full refresh from eFin must be tested in Test.

     1.2  eRecruitment Test

Core broke Test eRecruitment when installing the new HESA fields. The form will only accept the answer to one question.   Debbie is working with Core to resolve the issue. 

The eRecruitment data cannot be set up, or the extract run, until this is resolved.  This is therefore critical to the project.

Ideally, the eRecruitment extract would be tested first, since we couldn't test this in the Dev environment (which is also broken).

     1.3  ACTQUAL Codes:

Appropriate new applicants (around 6 records) to be set up in eRecruitment, to include:

  • High grade & low grade
  • No ACTQUALs, between 1 and 6 ACTQUALs & more than 6 ACTQUALs.

     1.4  ACTSOC Codes:

Appropriate ACTSOCs must be set up in eRecruitment so that they'll feed through to test all permutations of the conditional processing that's based on ACTSOC values. 

     1.5  eRecruitment extract:

After the applicants and codes have been set up in eRecruitment (items 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 above), the extract will be re-run. 

Susan confirmed that this extract is not currently running nightly in Test. 

Alyson indicated that she'd prefer to keep control of this, running the extract manually when needed.

Susan / Debbie can run the HESA extract, as needed, from the application.


2.  UAT

     2.1  Jira

All UAT feedback will be raised through Jira

  • Select the "UAT" component
  • Assign the Jiras to Alyson initially 

     2.2  BOXI

Test BOXI users susanm and mistst03 have been set up with the same HR access that SUsan has in Live.


3.  Live 

     3.1  Early, partial deployment:

Susan has asked that some of the project be deployed to Live early.  This would include:

  • New HR fields
  • LoVs
  • Information types

However, this request would have to be specified in detail by Susan, and each item would have to be signed off in UAT, before any early deployment could be considered.

Once specified, and dates confirmed, Jill to raise resource request for John to deploy.

     3.2  Coordination of deployment:  

As soon as ACTSOC values are keyed in eRecruitment live, they'll start coming over into the HR SOC CODE fields.  So the deployment of the eRecruitment extract code to Live must be coordinated with the data entry of ACTSOCs.

If the eRecruitment extract code is also to be deployed early, then Jill would also have to raise resource request for Gordon to deploy.


4.  Apex Build

This is currently scheduled to be signed off in Dev peer testing, and documented for the Test implementation, by next Wednesday. 


5.  AOCB:

Susan indicated that eRecruitment Dev will be cloned from Live in the next week.

Susan has to write to previous HEIs to request the previous HESA id numbers for new staff.  Susan therefore requested a list of:

  • applicant name
  • NI number or Employee number
  • HESA prev inst (prevhei)

where prev employment (prevemp) = 01.  Alyson to provide list. 



Susan to provide SHEFC codes (1.1)

Core to resolve issues in eRecruitment Test (1.2)

Debbie to set up appricants in eRecruitment (1.3, 1.4)

When ready, Alyson to run eRecruitment extract (1.5)

Susan and Debbie to provide testing feedback via Jira (2) 

ISA to progress Apex implementaiton (4)

Alyson to provide prev inst list (5)