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HESA Staff Return 12/13 - Submitted

The Staff HESA Return was accepted by HESA ahead of the submission deadline of 12th November. This concludes the University's Staff HESA project for 12/13. 

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Nikki Stuart IS Applications Division

Nikki Stuart 29-Nov-2013
University Staff HESA Return

The key deliverables for the Universtity Staff HESA Staff Return are now fully implemented to the LIVE environment. This allows the HR Systems Team to undertake the data reviews required to ensure that the University's Staff Return meets the HESA requirements ahed of the initial submission date at the end of September. 

You can find out more details about this project at:

Nikki Stuart IS Applications Division

Nikki Stuart 05-Sep-2013
Deployment 1 progress report

Deployment 1 - HR field and application changes - is complete except for one item.

    Alyson Shaw, 28-May: 

We have created new extra information types for HESA and needed to add these to the UOE Personnel Support responsibility.  We went through the steps to make the EIT visible to the responsibility but it turns out that this responsibility uses custom menus and task flow so we have to add the Extra information types button to the form as well.

Jill Nicoll 29-May-2013
Test integration completed. Integration testing to start today. Jill Nicoll 17-Apr-2013
Apex training completed Jill Nicoll 08-Apr-2013
ApEx training requested for new developer

PM submitted IS Training Request form to Config Team Manager, to request 4-day ApEx training course for the new developer.


Jill Nicoll 04-Feb-2013
Agreed requirements for technical documentation and testing

It was agreed in a meeting with Development Technology and Techology Management stakeholders that:

  • The project will provide an updated TAD and an Operational Description document.
  • The project will not provide DR, Resiliance, or Load test plans or testing.

For details, see meeting note. 


Jill Nicoll 11-Jan-2013
Draft Business Requirements Document distributed for review and comment Jill Nicoll 30-Nov-2012

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