Executive Summary

The University is required to provide staffing information to HESA on an annual basis. 

Each year, HESA provides requirements for the current submission.  This usually involves some modifications to the existing process.  For the 2012/13 submission, the HESA requirements call for an unusually high number of changes.  These are expected to involve changes to:

  • the HR core system and the HR extracts to HR HESA and PPIPMI
  • the HR HESA application, tables and universes, and the submission of data files to HESA
  • the eRecruitment application, tables and universe, and the eRecruitment extract to HR
  • the HR PPIPMI tables and universe
  • the Finance Cost Centre extract

Changes may also be required in PURE, but this has still to be confirmed.

Business Objectives and Project Deliverables 





New or Changed (Y/N)


To undertake all development changes required to meet the requirement changes specified by HESA.

Please see HESA requirements.

Y – changed

Proposal O1(b)/ D3 plus HESA url 

D1.1 Provide supporting changes to HR database, application, and extractsY - New


Provide supporting changes to HESA and HESA Archive database, application, extracts, and BOXI universes

Y - New

D1.3Provide supporting changes in eRecruitment database, application, extract, and BOXI universeY - New
D1.4Provide supporting changes in PPIPMI database and BOXI universeY - New


To support the submission of the 2012/13 HESA return.


Proposal O1(a)


Update HESA extract facility for required final return functionality


Proposal D4 


Update the submission method:

change the Staff flat file structure to use XML

change the Contract flat file structure to use XML

remove the Grade file

Y – changed

Proposal O2 plus

Proposal D2 plus

references to the Contract & Grade files
D2.3Accepted HESA return for 2012/13 period


Proposal D1

Proposal Objective 3 has been removed, on the grounds that it is fully covered by the updated Objective 1, above.

Proposal O3: "To satisfy the indicated areas of data requirement changes including: coding of activities, grade/levels including senior staff identification, coverage, equality-related information, leaving information, academic subject area, academic teaching qualifications, clinical academics and data to support the Research Excellence Framework (REF), the institution’s own staff identification number, staff with zero full-time equivalence (FTE), career tracking, and salaries"


The proposed scope of the project is as follows:

1.  HR:

1.1.  Make the required modifications to the HR application

1.2.  Update the HR -> HESA extract facility, to retrieve the new and modified fields from the HR database and upload them to the HESA extract database

1.3.  Update the HR -> PPIPMI extract facility, to retrieve the new and modified fields from the HR database and upload them to the PPIPMI extract database

2.  HR HESA:

2.1.  Add the new fields and make the required modifications to the existing fields on the HR HESA database 

2.2   Add the new fields and make the required modifications to the existing fields on the HR HESA Archive database

2.3   Modify the archive process to include the new/modified fields

2.4.  Redevelop the HR HESA application using current technology

2.5.  Update the HR HESA BOXI universe to display the new/modified fields 

2.6.  Update the HR HESA Archive BOXI universe to display the new/modified fields 

2.7.  Modify the HR HESA extract files to include the new/modified fields

2.8.  Remove the Grades table from the HR HESA extract

2.9.  Modify the HR HESA file submission method to use XML

3.  eRecruitment:

3.1  Add and/or modify the SOC field in the eRecruitment database (to be performed by the business area)

       This may require the Business Area Manager to coordinate with CORE for a supporting eRecruitment data update

3.2  Make the required SOC modification to the eRecruitment application (to be performed by the business area)

3.3  Update the eRecruitment to HR extract to retrieve the added/modified SOC field

3.4  Update the eRecruitment BOXI universe to display the new/modified SOC field 


4.1  Add and/or modify the HESA-related fields in the HR PPIPMI database

4.2  Update the HR PPIPMI BOXI universe to display the new/modified fields 

5.  Post-deployment support from June to mid-November 2013, for the Business Area's validation and submission process.

This will also provide support in case of HESA requirement changes during this period.


Scope still to be confirmed: 

There is a requirement to import into the HR HESA tables a number of data elements from PURE. 

Some of these elements already exist in PURE (e.g. Unit of Assessment).  Others will be added to PURE by a concurrent Research programme project. 

Discussions are underway between the HR and Research programmes, to agree which project will fund the work to extract these elements from PURE into HR HESA.  If it is agreed that this work will be included in HRS071, then additional days will be required.  This item will be revisited at the end of the Business Analysis stage, when revised project estimates will be sought. 

Required, but outwith Project Scope:

Finance staff to map the Finance Hierarchy to the revised HESA Cost Centres, and supply mapping table (no system changes required).

HR staff to code new pick-lists into HR, HR HESA, and eRecruitment systems





The University is required to provide staffing information to HESA on an annual basis. The current return will not deliver the required level of detail therefore the work in this project is to revise the return extract facility in line with HESA’s new requirements


Project Info

HR HESA Staff Return 12/13
Human Resources (HRS)
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Nikki Stuart
Project Sponsor
Sheila Gupta
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