HMRC have changed the PAYE reporting regulations: 

           Currently, Finance sends an annual Tax Year End return to HMRC each April, for the Tax Year just ended. 

 From Tax Year 2013-14, employers are required to provide this information in real time, in conjunction with their regular employee pay runs.  This Real Time information (RTI) will be a fundamental change for all employers in the UK.  The new system for reporting employee pay, tax and National Insurance details will be the biggest change to the operation of PAYE since it was introduced in 1944.  Rather than submit summary details at the end of the tax year, employers will be required to communicate them to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) every time a payment is made to the employee.

HMRC has identified up to 106 potential pieces of information to be transmitted under the RTI programme.  36 of these are new items.  In addition, the data must be specifically linked through a code (called a “hash”) to the BACS payment made to the employee.

In April 2013, two separate deliverables will therefore be required, in order to meet HMRC regulations:

  1. The annual Tax Year End return, for tax year 2012-13.
  2. The changes required to support the new real-time returns, for tax year 2013-14 onwards.  (HMRC have indicated that the deadline for this deliverable may be delayed until later in 2013.)

This project will confirm the Terms of Reference for the scope outlined below.  A follow-on 2012-13 project, under the HR-Payroll programme, will then take the agreed requirements forward to the technical and delivery stages


Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
October 2013 BLUE 148.0 days 199.4 days 0.3

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Oracle HR & Payroll Annual Maintenance 12/13
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Anne Mathison
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Elizabeth Welch
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