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eRecruitment Proof of Concept Successfully Completed

The Project team presented the Upgrade project plan to the eRecruitment Board on 11 August 2015. The Board endorsed the plan and the eRecruitment service will now proceed with the Upgrade project due to start in September 2015, pending confirmation of funding.

This project has been successful in delivering its Objectives and achieving its Success Criteria. The full Completion Report is available at:

Susan Ridder-Patrick 25-Aug-2015
Proof of Concept successful

The eRecruitment project team have signed-off the Proof of Concept work following the successful delivery of the software modification in LIVE and the completion of testing the import of UoE data into a v20 environment with the correct character set.

The project team is now preparing a detailed plan for the Upgrade and Character set conversion project being proposed for 15/16.

Susan McKeown IS Applications, Project Services

Susan Ridder-Patrick 09-Jun-2015
eRecruitment Proof of Concept project has started

The University and eRecruitment supplier, CoreHR, are working together on a Proof of Concept project for the service prior to an Upgrade project being planned for 15/16. Currently, the service is implemented with a character set which is not the usual character set used with eRecruitment. The supplier recommended changing the character set ahead of an upgrade to eliminate unknown risks to the upgrade project and resulting service. This project will test CoreHR's proposal to convert the character set as part of the Upgrade process.

Susan Ridder-Patrick 01-Jun-2015

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