Priority and Funding

The HR HESA project is a Compliance project required by the University


The University is required to provide staffing information to HESA on an annual basis. The current return for 2017/18 will not deliver the required level of detail therefore the work in this project is to revise the return extract facility in line with HESA's new requirements

Impact and Dependencies

Service or Project

Description of Impact or Dependency

HR & Payroll Annual Maintenance 17/18 (PPP012)

The HESA Staff Return 17/18 project will require the same HR Business Area, Dev Team, Dev Tech and Apps Supp resources as the HR Tax Year End project. However PPP012 project is planned to complete in June. So until PPP012 is closed both projects have to be aware of the other 

Automated Payroll Proration Calculation (PPPBUS001) This work is unlikely to affect this year's return as the data is currently being held in the HRCONF environment. This should not impact the HESA project.
GDPR Updates for eRecruitment (HRS096) This will continue during Spring and early Summer. It is likely to request the same resources
BI - Business Objects Upgrade (COM036) Although this could have an impact to this project, it should not affect HRS094 as all the environments have been built
Migrate Core  DataBases to Oracle 12C (INF121) There is only APPS Live to complete and it has been suspended until next financial year. So will not have to co-ordinate / affect HESA until 2018/19 and then might have to be aware when APEX  and HR are affected


Project Risks

Ref Title Impact Probability Risk Status Risk Owner

HESA request late requirement changes

Medium Medium GREEN Open Susan McLaren

Human Resources are not available at key moments

Medium Medium GREEN Open Susan McLaren

Where IS Apps PM is not available

Medium Medium GREEN Open Anne Mathison

Where IS Apps Software Developer is not available

Medium Medium AMBER Open Bill Lee
5 That Business Object work can be catered for Medium Medium AMBER Open Susan McLaren
6 Risk that lack of experience in APEX, may mean an issue occurs of which there is no knowledge Medium Medium AMBER Open Bill Lee

Risk that resourcing will be an issue when the GDPR project requires the same resources

Medium Medium AMBER Open Anne Mathison
8 Risk that BI Upgrade in mid July affects progress Low Low GREEN Open Andrew McFarlane
9 Risk that the Migration to Oracle 12C project impacts the  HESA Staff Return Low Low GREEN Open John Chan

Project Info

HR HESA Staff Return 17/18
Human Resources (HRS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Anne Mathison
Project Sponsor
Susan McLaren
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