Work/Task Breakdown

To undertake all development work required to meet the changes specified by HESA.

  • Any new HESA requirements for 2017/18
  • Feedback requirements from HR re field validations affected, if required
  • Provide supporting changes to HR database, application and extracts, if required
  • Provide supporting changes to HESA, HESA Archive database, application extracts and BI Suite universes, if required 
  • APEX work where required

Work carried forward from HR HESA Staff Return 16/17 project (HRS092):

  • JIRA HRS094-21 is for a permanent solution for LEVELS. This requirement has been carried forward from 2016/17 and should be completed this year in 2017-18

For 17/18 HESA return the requirements this year include:

  • eBusiness Suite (GUI, PL.SQL/API, successful applicant scripts),
  • HESA extract PL/SQL,
  • APEX,
  • BI reports (universes) and
  • HESA univeses (by HR)
  • Any Archive changes has to be carried out before the 2016/17 archive can be run by HR.
    • However this year there are no archive changes necessary, so the first task necessary is for HR to Archive last years return (2016-17) this has been completed by HR
  • Resources, Skills and Costs

This Project will include resources from HR Business Systems, Software Development, Dev Tech, Application Support and Projects

The proposal was estimated to a total of 50 days with 30 days for 2017/18 and 20 days for 2018/19. The approved budget is 50 days with 30 days for 2017/18 and 20 days for 2018/19.

  • However the project was estimated during Planning at 122 days with 102 for 2017/18 and 20 days for 2018/19

Once the recruited contractor has reviewed the HESA requirements and discussed the them with HR the estimations of  the HESA extract and APEX work, the estimates will be re-estimatd/clarified

The IS Applications project team is composed of:

  • Bill Lee / Geir Granum - BI Reports / Software Developer - contractor with PL/SQL and APEX knowledge
  • Anne Mathison - project manager
  • Anne Finnan / John Chan - implementation involvement, eRecruitment (eBusiness Suite including GUI, PL.SQL/API and successful applicants scripts) / Ron McLeod - PPIPMI
  • Mark Lang - implementation involvement
  • Morna Findlay programme manager

Project Governance

Susan McLaren acts for the Project Sponsor, Craig Hennessey, for HRS094. 

Project Stakeholders

Name Business Area Role Communication Plan
Andrew McFarlane IS Apps Service Manager to oversee contractor

To be aware of how project is proceeding re BI

Anne Finnan / John Chan / Ron McLeod IS Apps Apps Support (Project Team Member)

Project Signoffs

Major issues

Anne Mathison IS Apps - Projects Project Manager (Project Team Member)

To manage the project plan and request project team bookings

Produce monthly  reports

Monitor budget

Ensure milestones are met

Bill Lee IS Apps Software Development Manager

Be aware of how the project is progressing.

Act as a point of escalation

Copied into project signoffs

Geir Granum IS Apps Lead Software Development (Project Team Member)

Manage the contractor

Attend the regular meetings

Contribute to the regular reporting 

Ensure project is progressing to plan

Alert PM if any issues

Deborah Kilgallon Human Resources HR Systems Tester (Project Team Member)

Regular contact with IS Apps Dev and Projects

Communicate with Project team on Susan's behalf

Point of HR contact for Software Development

Project signoffs

Heather Larnach / Julieta Pineda IS Apps - Technology Management Technology Management Manager

To be copied into major milestones for information

Mark Lang IS Apps - Dev Tech Dev Tech Implement (Project Team Member)

Project signoffs

deploying project activities


Craig Hennessy

HR Senior Partner for Reward and Systems Project Sponsor

Copied in on major signoffs

Morna Findlay IS Apps - Projects Programme Manager (Project Team Member) Project signoffs
Susan McLaren Human Resources HR Business System Lead (Project Team Member)

Regular contact with IS Apps Dev and Projects

Point of contact for HR

Business contact re HR for HESA project

Updating project team  any required items from the programme

Signing off on behalf of project sponsor


Project Estimations

The project has been estimated at 122 days with 102 days in 2017/18 and 20 days in 2018/19

(Please attach/link from Estimation Log)

Estimation Log


Other Useful information - Changes for HESA 2018 broken down by skill set




Project Info

HR HESA Staff Return 17/18
Human Resources (HRS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Anne Mathison
Project Sponsor
Susan McLaren
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority