The College wishes to introduce a workload allocation modeling tool to facilitate an existing model which Schools currently deploy and implement with various spreadsheet based mechanisms. This leads to inconsistencies and inability to report across the College. These tools do not allow for modeling and this would be an essential component of the new tool. If the project itself does not go ahead, the College would continue to operate inefficiently using its current varied and sub optimal excel spreadsheet based models. They would also continue to not be able to properly model and forecast academic modeling. 

This Brief is being prepared on the assumption that the final solution will be cloud based and that reporting will be generated via the application by the service and NOT (at this stage) BI Suite.


  • to determine the business requirements for CAHSS with regards to an Academic Workload Modelling system through discussions with both administrative and academic staff
  • to consult with the relevant business areas within the College to determine the business requirements
  • to procure a cloud-based system that delivers best value for the College
  • to undertake a pilot project to confirm the solution delivers the business requirements without programmatic system interfaces
  • to consult with business areas responsible for golden copy data relating to HR, Student Systems and Timetabling such that these data are fed into the system manually

Not in Scope 

  • the delivery of programmatic integration with golden copy systems data


  • to procure and implement a business solution
    • confirm business requirements with regards workload allocation within CAHSS
    • determine source and availability of required golden copy data
    • confirm the overall requirements for the pilot project e.g
    • pilot project be undertaken through manually entering all the required data
    • confirm on-going product support arrangements



  • a product evaluation analysis in relation to original business requirements
  • complete a pilot project to evaluate the solution across a number of specified schools within the College
    • prepare the business requirements with regards Academic Workload Modelling
    • document and undertake the appropriate procurement process
    • select the most appropriate solution that will deliver the business requirements
    • define and deliver a project communications strategy with regards to the project stakeholders 
  • implementation of selected solution


  • to define requirements for data interfaces and prepare outline plan to implement
  • Prepare a school roll-out plan with regards to
    • training plan
    • training material
    • user documentation


Greater efficiencies through better visibility of staff workload.

Potential avoidance of staff recruitment.

Fairer distribution of workload across all Schools.

Add Ability to model various what-if scenarios against College workload data

Success Criteria

All mandatory deliverables have been achieved

Project Info

Academic Workload Modelling Pilot
CAHSS Portfolio Projects
Management Office
Project Manager
Muriel Mewissen
Project Sponsor
Fraser Muir
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