Closure Report

Project Summary


Fraser Muir requested support from a business analyst to help gather and document the requirements for a system to allocate space and manage multi-occupancy rooms within the college, more efficiently and transparently. Currently the process is manual and involves several administrators within the various schools, as well as administrators at the college level. Estates and Buildings have confirmed that there is no immediate plan for such functionality to be introduced in the central systems in the short to long term.

Objectives and Deliverables

  Description Priority Outcome
Objective 1
To understand the current operational process for space allocation within CAHSS 
D1.1 Interview with Helen Sang, Business User Mandatory Achieved
D1.2 Business case document with description of current process Mandatory


Objective 2
To capture the requirements for an application/process to support space allocation within CAHSS from the stakeholders, principally school and college administrators involved in the existing manual process
D2.1 Workshop with school and college administrators involved in the existing manual process Mandatory


D2.2 Business case document with list of requirements for improved process and analysis of expected impact and tangible benefits. Mandatory Partially Achieved


  Description Status
S1 To support the Sponsor in documenting the current process in place as a baseline, and support the analysis of how things could be. Partially Met

The workshop was successfully in highlighting that additional work was needed to fill a gap in the awareness of IT driven solutions which prevented subject matter experts (SMEs) to conceptualise what such system could do to help them. This needs to be addressed first to raise understanding of potential benefits, and help SMEs to define how they would like to work. Then it should be possible to gather a full set of requirements.


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 5 days

Staff Usage Actual: 7 days

Staff Usage Variance: 40%



Explanation for variance

This very short project was exploratory. The original estimate was based on a straightforward requirement gathering exercise. However,  the current process to be documented had more local approaches, and more variations between them than anticipated.

Key Learning Points

  • Positive engagement with the local SMEs in CAHSS schools
  • Clarification of Estates position and planned roadmap for development of Archibus
  • Inability to formulate need due to lack of awareness of IT driven solutions
Recommendations for future similar projects:

Further work on the As-Is to identify the issues and areas that take significant time within the process would help to quantify the need to improve on certain areas. For example, measuring the costs (in time) of each step in an As-Is process to help support how the costs for each step could be decreased by adopting a To-Be process. 

Outstanding Issues

None. CAHSS SMEs will explore some of the existing space allocation applications (i.e. Archibus, Qube, QuickFMS, OfficeSpace) over the next few months. Before another project can be initiated to carry out the capture the business requirements and the analysis of possible options.


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Muriel Mewissen
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Fraser Muir
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