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Note: There is an understanding that any technical parts to the solutions will be procured from an external 3rd party vendor. To this end, there is an underlying design principle that the technical functionality will not be configurable, and will be used “off the shelf”.

There may be a “chicken and egg” situation, in that we cannot determine how we need to work, and therefore define the requirements, until we understand what technical functionality will be procured. And we cannot determine the technical functionality until we have reviewed how we want to work.

Therefore, the To-Be processes will have to be created with a level of understanding that it will need to be adapted after the procurement stage, to ensure that the processes can incorporate the new system.

Next Steps

The workshop provided an excellent platform for the SMEs to share their local practices and engage in the formulation of a general need to address space allocation. However, following a review of the outcomes of the workshop, it became clear that additional work was needed before a full set of requirements for an IT driven solution could be agreed. The workshop highlighted two main factors contributing to this:

  • There were more local approaches, and more variations between them than anticipated.
  • A lack of awareness of IT solutions and an inability to conceptualise what these could offer.

Therefore, the proposed next steps are to look to address these gaps first before an option analysis to provide a solution can be done.

The first recommendation is to increase the knowledge amongst SMEs of existing applications to help them understand how these could help them. Demo versions can be obtained from a few suppliers to enable SMEs to get more familiar with these solutions and explore their potential benefits. A small list of applications based on existing University suppliers and a quick internet browse is below:

Supplier Contact Notes
Archibus Paul Munro, Mass Information Systems Ltd Email: Tel: 01189 778 560 MASS are our Archibus partners, who provide the Estates space system

London office, 9 King Street, London, UK EC2V 8EA Qube provide the room booking solution at Argyle House HSS017 Business Analysis Approach Document V1.1 12 of 20  

Sleaford office, Westgate House, Westgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7RJ  

Crowthorne office, Wellington Business Park, Dukes Ride, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6LS +44 (0)20 3861 7100 /

Qube provide the room booking solution at Argyle House
QuickFMS USA/ India offices Contact via web page based email May be beneficial to use (outside UK) based company to help avoid any “Procurement breaches”
OfficeSpace tbc Has a “request demo” option on their product web page

The second recommendation is to repeat the workshop with the SMEs to decide how they would like to work, based on a broader understanding of potential system functionality and capture the full set of requirements then. This will form the basis for an option analysis.


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