The College wishes to introduce a workload allocation modeling tool to facilitate an existing model which Schools currently deploy and implement with various spreadsheet based mechanisms.  This leads to inconsistencies and inability to report across the College. These tools do not allow for accurate modelling and this is an essential component of the new tool.  If the project does not proceed, the College would continue to operate inefficiently using its current varied and sub optimal excel spreadsheet based systems.  Additionally, they would also not be able to accurately model and forecast future years within the schools or across the College. 

Project HSS016 Academic Workload Modelling Pilot has successfully procured and deployed a software as a service (SaaS), cloud based application for academic Workload Allocation Modelling (WAM) from Simitive.

This project is the follow on from the Extended CAHSS WAM Pilot.  There are no inbound or outbound dependencies  on the pilot project.  The project  will roll out Simitive WAMS to the remaining schools in the college on an opt-in basis.  The project will work closely with the WAMT coordinators, Simitive, the Sponsor and the Board, to support the roll-out and ensure that users are able to do workload allocation using WAMT and that users can use modelling and scenario planning.

MVM Biomedical Sciences (BMS) have been stakeholders to the CAHSS WAM Pilot project (HSS016 & HSS20).  Their requirement was to be included in Simitive WAM when the CAHSS pilot  completed and the tool rolled-out to other schools.  The WAM boards decision for schools to voluntarily opt-in allows MVM to join at this time.



  • It  will roll out Simitive WAMS to the remaining schools in the College initially on an opt-in basis
  • The implementation will utilise existing workload models within Schools.
  • The project will work closely with the School WAMT coordinators
  • Gap Analysis  of policies.
  • WAMS Configuration to defined Policies and Tariffs
  • Import of activities and data dictionary update.
  • Import of Spreadsheet and creation of Allocations.
  • Departmental Administrator Training (up to 6 delegates).
  • Reporting and Modelling Training.

Out of Scope

The following items have been identified as out of scope;

  • Deploy any new College workload models to existing Schools
  • Additional phases of project
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Consultancy for cultural change
  • Customised user-guides
  • Allocations to staff


# Description Priority  
O1 To confirm business requirements for WAM within remaining CAHSS Schools
D1.1 Business requirements for WAM for each school Mandatory  
O2 To acquire sources of core data
D2.1 Secure access and data from HR, Student Systems and Timetabling Mandatory  
O3 To Procure and extend the use of Simitive WAMS across CAHSS Schools
D3.1 Documents supporting the appropriate procurement process Mandatory  
O4 To implement WAMS
D4.1 Deployment of WAMT for CAHSS Mandatory  

To confirm the on-going product support arrangements

D5.1 To implement a fully managed service supporting Simitive WAMS functions  Mandatory  
D5.2 Implement School training plans including co-ordinator, allocator reporting and modelling.              Mandatory  



Greater efficiencies through better visibility of staff workload.

Potential avoidance of staff recruitment.

Fairer distribution of workload across all Schools.

Ability to model various what-if scenarios against College workload data.

Success Criteria

The success criteria was is for all Mandatory Deliverables to be achieved.

The overall WAM process with the schools is more efficient, transparent and effective.

The business intelligence and management information provided by the system provide valuable insight into workload allocation for individuals, subject areas, Schooles and College.

Better end user engagement with workload allocation through the use of this system.

An agreed and consistent application of processes for workload allocation.

An, overtime, reduction in the burden of workload allocation. 

Better informed decisioning  through the use of scenario modelling offered by the system.

Project Milestones

Target Datesort descending Previous Date Title Stage Complete
27-Apr-2018   End of Planning Plan No
18-Jun-2018   School Health In Social Science Deliver                   No
18-Jun-2018                  School of Law Deliver No
16-Jul-2018   School Literature, Languages and Cultures (LLC) Deliver No
TBC as Opt-in   Centre for Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)    
TBC as Opt-in   School of Social and Political Science    
TBC as Opt-in   School of Business    
TBC as Opt-in   School of Economics    
TBC as Opt-in   Centre for Open Learning    
TBC as Opt-in   College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine( CMVM)    
31-Dec-2018                                             Closure Close No



Project Info

CAHSS WAM Deployment
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Management Office
Project Manager
Muriel Mewissen
Project Sponsor
Fraser Muir
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