Work/Task Breakdown

Task Name Duration     Start Finish
Project Initiation 5 days Mon 22/04/19     Fri 26/04/19
   Initiate Project Governance 5 days Mon 22/04/19 Fri 26/04/19
      Initiation Document for WIS Review 4 days Mon 22/04/19 Thu 25/04/19
      Initiation Document Approved 1 day Fri 26/04/19 Fri 26/04/19
   Project Initiation Sign-off 0 days Fri 26/04/19 Fri 26/04/19
Project Planning 16 days Thu 02/05/19 Fri 24/05/19
   Project Overview 1 day Thu 02/05/19 Thu 02/05/19
   Project Brief 14 days Mon 06/05/19 Fri 24/05/19
      PB Written 5 days Mon 06/05/19 Fri 10/05/19
      PB Reviewed & Revised 4 days Mon 13/05/19 Thu 16/05/19
      Project Planning Sign-off 0 days Fri 24/05/19 Fri 24/05/19
Project Build/Execution 35 days Mon 27/05/19 Fri 12/07/19
   Review Project DTIO21 Outcomes 5 days Mon 27/05/19 Fri 31/05/19
   Trial Environment Setup 5 days Mon 03/06/19 Fri 07/06/19
   Analysis and Agreement reached on Encryption 5 days Mon 10/06/19 Fri 14/06/19
   Implementation Risks Reviewed 5 days Mon 17/06/19 Fri 21/06/19
   Implementation Risks Actions Mitigated 5 days Mon 24/06/19 Fri 28/06/19
   Deployment to Development Environment 0 days Mon 01/07/19 Mon 01/07/19
   Development Environment Testing 5 days Mon 01/07/19 Fri 05/07/19
   Deployment to Test Environment 0 days Mon 08/07/19 Mon 08/07/19
   Test Environment Testing 5 days Mon 08/07/19 Fri 12/07/19
   Performance Testing Sign-off 0 days Fri 12/07/19 Fri 12/07/19
Project Delivery 10 days Mon 15/07/19 Fri 26/07/19
   Delivery Go-live Sign-off 0 days Mon 15/07/19 Mon 15/07/19
   Knowledge Shared with Handover of Documentation 10 days Mon 15/07/19 Fri 26/07/19
   Implementation of Project solution 10 days Mon 15/07/19 Fri 26/07/19
   Delivery DSOR Sign-off 0 days Fri 26/07/19 Fri 26/07/19
Project Close 5 days Mon 29/07/19 Fri 02/08/19
   Project Closure Report 5 days Mon 29/07/19 Fri 02/08/19
Project Closure 0 days Fri 02/08/19 Fri 02/08/19
Admin 60 days Mon 13/05/19 Fri 02/08/19
Project Management Overhead 60 days Mon 13/05/19 Fri 02/08/19


Resources, Skills and Costs

Key resource would be the need for a Database Administrator who is knowledgeable and experience in data encryption and security solutions.

This resource has been identified and assigned from Development Technology.

Project Governance

The project will follow the standard governance and quality control as used by Project Services and IS Applications. This covers WIS and monthly reporting

The project will be monitored against the work/task breakdown with wider reporting by exception.

The Project Manager will monitor:

  • Progress in relation to the project plan and budget
  • Review any emerging issues
  • Review the project risk register.


Project Stakeholders

Name Business Area Role
Bill Lee Development Services Software Development Manager
Dave Berry Enterprise Architect Enterprise Architect (Project Team Member)
Gillian Henderson Development Services Senior Database and systems Administrator (Project Team member)
Heather Larnach Production Management Technology Management Manager (Project Team member)
Mark Lang Development Services Technology Manager (Project Team Member)
Maurice Franceschi       IT Infrastructure IT Portfolio Manager (Project Team Member)
Stefan Kaempf Production Management       Project Sponsor (Project Team Member)
Ewan Scott Development Services Database and Systems Administrator (Project Team Member)

Project Estimations

Project estimates are loosely based upon prior assessment under INF 144 by Ken Miller and Chris Lawford. Estimates have since been revised with clarity of tasks.

The work effort for the project will be broken down into days as follows:

Task Name  Days 
Review Project DTIO21 Outcomes          5
Trial Environment Setup         5
Analysis and Agreement reached on Encryption            5
Implementation Risks Reviewed             5
Implementation Risks Actions Mitigated         5
Testing (across environments)       10
Knowledge Share/Document Handover         5
Implementation of Project Solution         5
Project/Programme Management Overhead       15



Project Info

Protecting Data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
ISG - IS Applications Infrastructure (INF)
Management Office
Project Manager
Kevin Hone
Project Sponsor
Stefan Kaempf
Current Stage
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority