PXE (or network) boot will allow users to build their own systems withOUT the need to use USB media or wait for local or Information Services staff to attend. Centrally provisioned boot media will guarantee utilisation of the latest version of the boot image and will include all of the drivers for the range of Select devices that are supported. This should reduce the number of incidents coming to the Helpdesk caused by the wrong version of the media as well as reduce the support outlay caused by maintaining a number of USB boot sticks. 

There is a small scale installation of PXE boot that is used to service the Laptop Loan scheme, operating out of the Main Library in George Square, and the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library in Kings' Buildings. 

Desktop services, working closely with CIS, would like to investigate how to expand this service to make it available to the entire estate of the University. 

Potential benefits include:

  • Empowers users to provision new equipment without requiring physical IT support on site
  • Ensure the latest build image with drivers is being used
  • Simplifies the management of the build process
  • Frees up IT support staff time.

It is expected that this investigation will require initial consultation and guidance from a consultant (such as PTS) as well as some physical presence and testing from our pool of student workers. Additionally, Learning Spaces Technology have indicated that they are willing to contribute some testing effort as they will see a direct benefit for the Open Access Computers service for which they provide an underpinning technical service.  

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Remote desktop build process
IS Innovation - IT Infrastructure (INI)
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Gavin McLachlan
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