In response to the 2001 outbreak of Foot & Mouth disease the UK government developed a Veterinary Surveillance Strategy. Part of this strategy was to rationalise government-collected data on animal populations and movements and disease incidence.

The resulting project, Rapid Analysis and Detection of Animal-related Risk (i) (RADAR) went live in 2005. The system has been extensively used in disease outbreak situations since 2005, and was first port of call for researchers, health scientists and policy makers for reports on risks and spatial distribution of veterinary threats to public and animal health. In 2011 RADAR was transferred from DEFRA to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (ii) (APHA) but is no longer supported. 

This proposal aims to leverage existing contacts with governmental agencies to investigate options to manage and deliver  feeds from cattle tracking data, agricultural census, sheep and pig movements, poultry population data as well as TB, BSE and Brucellosis data from across the UK and to scope requirements for delivering an Outbreak Management Mapping service taking full advantage of EDINA's expertise in this spatial service delivery. This would resonate with the existing EDINA agcensus service which delivers grid-square agricultural census data to subscribing academic and non-academic organisations. Disclosive data could be used as a test-case to demonstrate secure capture and storage to external agencies using the proposed Data Safe Haven service hosted by IT Infrastructure. Potential stakeholders include researcher (agricultural, veterinary, epidemiological), policy maker, agribusiness provider. The proposal would develop and strengthen existing relationships with Scottish Government and DEFRA with possible tie-ins with the proposed Academy of Agriculture and Food Security (iii), EPIC (iv) (Epidemiology, Population health and Infectious diseases Control) who currently have a data-sharing protocol with RADAR, and the Centre of Excellence for Surveillance of Emerging Infectious Diseases in Europe (v) at Easter Bush.

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RADAR (Rapid Analysis and Detection of Animal-related Risks) Scoping Project
IS Innovation - IT Infrastructure (INI)
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Stuart Macdonald
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Anthony Weir
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