Closure Report

Project Summary

Back ground: The aim of this project was to establish occupancy level monitoring in a shared student study space, with an option to extend this to the CRC reading room following discussions with the Head of Special collections.  These would be used for proof of concept testing for IoT technology, while at the same time, demonstrating real world applications for the technology.

The pilot is started in March 2017 and was expected to run for circa 1 year to allow a sufficient body of data to be collected for analysis.

The monitoring systems deployed by this project did not capture any personal information, and a Privacy Impact Assessment was undertaken to ensure compliance with data protection legislation.

The occupancy monitoring of the shared study space was to run in parallel with a wider pilot project, being managed by User Services, to monitor occupancy levels across study areas in the lower ground floor, using an off the shelf product.

Objectives: To deploy IoT devices and sensors to capture occupancy level data from the target room(s).  The pilot will allow us to build and demonstrate our capability with IoT infrastructure, as well as giving us an understanding of the occupancy levels in the monitored rooms, which may help underpin future choices in provisioning meeting room facilities.  To ensure data privacy issues are understood addressed by carrying out a Privacy Impact assessment.

Scope: The scope of this project was limited to a single shared study space in the Main Library, with an option to extend this to the CRC reading room, following discussions with the Head of Special Collections.


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Effort on this project was covered by core funding and individual hours on the project were not tracked.




This project is being withdrawn and closed earlier than intended due to IoT equipment going missing or being damaged within the shared study area, which made continuation unworkable.    As we have not yet demonstrated suitable sensors for the CRC reading room, no equipment was deployed to that room. Another project (IoT005) is being launched which will take another approach to monitoring occupancy levels in the Main Library.   It is our intention that further device and sensor designs and approaches will be tested in Argyle House, and if a potential suitable approach for the CRC room in the Main Library is found, we will discuss and agree a way forward with the Head of Special Collections. As a result of the points above, this project will be withdrawn and closed, and this has been agreed with Ewan Klein, IoT Programme Sponsor.

Tony Weir: Director of ITI, and Simon Chapple: IoT Programme Technical Lead have been informed of the

Explanation for variance


Key Learning Points

The key lessons from this project has been that sensors and other equipment in student areas will need to be secured and\or hidden to avoid theft and damage.

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