Work/Task Breakdown

Planning (ISG005 Project)  
  Produce Project Brief
  Agree Estimates
  Planning review / sign off Project Brief
Execute Plan  
  Agree staff contacts and involvement from IS divisions, University, EUSA
  Agree tools
  Agree processes (collating information, reviewing, regular reporting, communications)
  Agree Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  Establish List of collated information 
  Perform regular reviews
  Regular reporting and communication
  Escalation of gaps in information for attention
Review Execution  
  Lessons Learned
  Project Closure


Resources, Skills and Costs

This project requires input and collaboration from and with colleagues across IS and representatives from the University as a whole in order to deliver successful outcomes.

The project is funded from the ISG Other Portfolio and has 50 days allocated within 2017/18 and 2018/19 to cover the IS Apps Project Services and Production Management staff time.


Project Governance

Project Sponsor will provide direction and overall responsibility for the project. 

Project Manager (IS Apps) and Project Manager (USD) will manage the project on a day to day basis.


Project Stakeholders

Name Business area Role
Adam Wadee IS Applications Project Services ISGOTH Programme Manager
Alex Carter ISG Applications Division (Apps) Service Owner (Apps)
Annie Donnelly ISG User Services Division (USD) Welcome Week Coordinator For USD
Colin Watt IS Applications Project Services Project Manager (Project Team Member)
Gavin McLachlan Information Services CIO Senior Management Stakeholder
Graeme Wood IS Infrastructure Division ITI Divisional Representative (Project Team Member)
Iain Fiddes ISG Applications Division (Apps) Service Owner (Apps) - For Development Services
ISG Senior Management Team (ISG SMT) Information Services Project Governance
Kevin Brogan IS Learning Teaching and Web LTW Divisional Representative (Project Team Member)
Kirsty Roseweir Student Systems Student Systems
Lisa Dawson Student Systems Student Systems Representative (Project Team Member)
Mark Ritchie Information Services Applications Division Senior Management Stakeholder (Project Services)
Matt Beilby ISG User Services Division (USD) Change Manager / Representative of the Change Advisory Board (Project Team Member)
Neil Bruce ISG User Services Division (USD) Project Sponsor (Project Team Member)
Richard Battersby ISG User Services Division (USD) Project Sponsor (When Neil Bruce Not Available)
Stefan Kaempf ISG Applications Division (Apps) Senior Supplier (Project Team Member)
Susan Watson ISG User Services Division (USD) Project Manager for USD (Project Team Member)
tbc EUSA EUSA Representative (Project Team Member)
Winnie Chambers IS User Services Division USD Divisional Representative (Project Team Member)


Project Estimations

End of Planning Estimate


Project Info

Monitoring IT and Library Business Service Readiness For Start of Term 2017/18 (ISG005)
ISG Portfolio Projects (OTHISG)
Management Office
Project Manager
Colin Watt
Project Sponsor
Neil Bruce
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority