Project ISG003 carried out a migration of the Projects Website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. The scope of this project was a like-for-like transfer, where possible, of existing functionality and content to the up to date infrastructure.

However, the usability of the new Drupal 7 Projects Website is now quite different to the previous version. As a result of this, the ISG003 project team and Projects Website users have identified several enhancements that are required. As the Projects Website is now used by more users outside of Project Services, it is important that we maintain the site as high quality PPM tool that users are used to.

In addition to the above, there are several changes required in order to accommodate two large University initiatives that are currently under way, these being Service Excellence and Digital Transformation. Bringing the Projects Website in line with the current University-wide Project Management methodology will benefit all users and bring consistency to processes and reporting.



This project will be carried out using an iterative development and release structure. Work packages will be identified, scoped and estimated by the Business and Developer.

User stories are being captured on Jira (currently under ISG003, which we have kept running as it contains the full backlog of stories): http://edin.ac/2qumBqp

The scope will be flexible to allow for changes to priorities during the project. Time and cost will be fixed, similar to Agile principles.

The top priority enhancements defined since the new Projects Website was launched in October 2016 are as follows:

  1. Address a number of bugs that have emerged since go-live, including updating the available Organisation Hierarchy
  2. Review the Security Model so that EASE-authenticated users can see project logs
  3. Action changes required to bring the Projects Website in line with University programmes such as Service Excellence (SEP).
  4. Should time allow, other enhancements will be considered.

Objectives and Deliverables

Ref. Description Priority (MoSCoW) Owner
Obj1 Improve current functionality and usability by fixing a number of bugs that have emerged since go-live in October 2016. MH Steph Ruthven
Del1 All Jiras representing bugs resolved MH Michal Zitko
Del2 Organisational Hierarchy updated MH Michal Zitko
Del3 Contextual Help solution delivered SH Michal Zitko
Obj2 Review the current security model MH Steph Ruthven
Del4 Agreed security model implemented MH Michal Zitko
Obj3 Bring the Projects Website in line with the University Programmes and Risk Management policy MH Steph Ruthven
Del5 All Jiras relating to the risk log and risk log export delivered MH Michal Zitko
Del6 New log created for capturing Benefits SH Michal Zitko
Del7 New log created for capturing Lessons Learned SH Michal Zitko
Obj4 Further enhancements to the Projects Website, should time allow CH Steph Ruthven
Del8 Enhancements already captured as user stories delivered in priority order CH Michal Zitko



  • SEP / Digital Transformation / Core Systems are able to fully use the Projects Website, with a standard approach to risk management and reporting etc.
  • Fix bugs that are limiting the current functionality e.g. tagging projects in a portfolio.
  • Improve the reporting and monitoring capabilities for Project Managers, Programme Managers, SMT and PMO by introducing more opportunities to export data from the site.
  • Promoted collaboration and transparency within the University by improving the visibility of project information for EASE-authenticated users.


Success Criteria

  • All identified and prioritised bugs resolved and deployed to LIVE
  • Feedback from users that the revised security model saves time in administering projects
  • SEP and DTI programmes use the website for risk, lessons learned and benefits management

Project Milestones

Target Datesort descending Title
18-Aug-2017 End of Planning
29-Aug-2017 Release 3 Deployment
12-Sep-2017 Final Deployment
22-Sep-2017 Closure

Project Info

Projects Website Enhancements
ISG Portfolio Projects (OTHISG)
Management Office
Project Manager
Elaine Aitken
Project Sponsor
Rhian Davies
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