Impact and Dependencies

This project provides oversight of all activities for start of term so the impact on successful and efficient delivery of support for those activities. This project does have two dependencies.

Firstly, on all the relevant projects reporting into this project in a correct and timely manner. Secondly on how ISG dovetails with activity in other University areas including the Edhelp service.

For 2021/22 Service Readiness the range of projects with links to Start of Term has been increased and we will have more formal input for Estates projects falling under Andy Donne as Programme manager.


Key Assumptions 

The project has made the following assumptions for project planning;

  • By the time of Welcome Week the University will have staff and students back on Campus. However contingency plans will be made should it have to be a 'Virtual' Welcome week.
  • The physical distancing restrictions will be set at 1 metre. Contingency plans will be made should this revert back to 2 metres at short notice.


Lessons learned from previous projects

  • Eduroam - One of the big successes last year was having Students set up their access to to Eduroam prior to Welcome Week. An emphasis was placed on comms encouraging students to download the app and configuring the set up before welcome week which meant a much improved experience for students and eased the pressure on the helpdesk. This is something we will look to build on this year.
  • Bank Letters - Last year around 5,800 bank letters were generated and delivered to students accommodation, removing the need for these people to visit the campus and removing the stress for students having to pick these up as in previous years. This will be repeated this year with a slight modification of having addresses printed on to the letters rather than labels to simplify the postage process.
  • Cards - similar to bank letters Students were encouraged to upload a photo so that the Cards could be generated and delivered to student accommodation, removing the need to visit a pick up point. This was proved to be very successful and will be repeated this year.


Project Risks

Ref Title Initial Risk Current Risk Status Management Approach Risk Owner
1 Lack of engagement with non ISG Services, projects and people. GREEN GREEN Open Reduce Gosia Such
2 The project lacks sufficient authority to resolve problems that may occur GREEN GREEN Open Reduce Gosia Such
3 Lack of engagement with ISG services, projects and people GREEN GREEN Open Reduce Gosia Such
4 Insufficient resourcing for the project team GREEN GREEN Open Avoid Adam Wadee
6 Delivery not complete for start of year GREEN GREEN Open Avoid Neil Bruce
7 The project does not align with other start of term activity or processes across the University GREEN GREEN Open Reduce Frankie Quinn
9 Ongoing disruption from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak GREEN GREEN Open Retain Neil Bruce
10 Insufficient time for Head of Communications GREEN GREEN Open Reduce Shaun Burnett
11 Changes to COVID related physical distancing restrictions at short notice GREEN GREEN Open Retain Gosia Such


Project Info

IT and Library Business Service Readiness for Start of Term 2021/22
ISG Portfolio Projects (OTHISG)
Management Office
Project Manager
Tim Gray
Project Sponsor
Neil Bruce
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